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Meet Jason


I believe developing towards our peak potential is the greatest gift we can ever give both ourselves & the world. To fulfill my deepest belief, I work as a coach. Specifically, I help men build more confidence in their dating lives, social lives, and careers.  -Jason Rogers


Imagine approaching the woman of your desires… With confidence… You walk up to her… Calmly.  You’re wearing a smirk, quietly assured in yourself. The two of you begin talking, bantering, enjoying the moment. Soon, she’s excited to know you better.


How would having this confidence influence not only your dating life, but your performances at work?


What would it be like to cultivate the confidence to speak up, even in situations where you knew nobody, with assuredness? The presentation at work, the wedding toast, or the speech in your local community…


Imagine how much more influence you’d have if you’d the total confidence in yourself to deliver in these moments… To make the impact you desire at work, in the community, and amongst your friends? How would speaking up without restraint, self doubt, and hesitancy change your life?


If you’re a man interested in unlocking more confidence, and skill, to approach your most important moments in a way you’d be proud of, you’re in the right place. Jason can help. Rather you experience lots of social anxiety, or are simply looking for an edge, Jason can help. His life is committed to getting guys awesome results – and it shows.


If you’re open minded and willing to put in the work – that is.


But let’s hold up here… Who is this Jason fellow? First and foremost, Jason is a coach. He coaches men in-person, online via real time video conferencing, in his daily membership program, and through his online courses. His work shows men to thrive with more confidence in their social lives, dating lives, and careers. Jason is a speaker, a personal development coach for men, creator of, and the Founder of PEAK Inc., the personal development brand dedicated to helping men grow every day. He’s an author for The Good Men Project, a large online publication with over 5 million visitors per month.


Fascinated by elite performers, success stories, and iconic personalities, Jason has studied the mindsets, personalities, and social skills of the worlds best. From his years of study and vast experiences, Jason is able to streamline the best practices so men are able to make radical improvements and achieve their personal and professional goals.


With a plethora of accolades from top universities and experience studying psychology at UCLA and Stanford, an abundance of testimonials from peak performers, and a proven track record of success in his own life, Jason’s secrets will undoubtedly help you develop yourself as a man. Whether it be a supercharged dating life, more confidence, or the social skills to soar in your field, Jason can help.


But it wasn’t always this way for Jason… He grew up a self professed awkward guy who was low in confidence. As a teenager, Jason was too anxious and shy to even place an order on the phone for pizza! The struggle continued for him into his young adult life.


He was rejected by the girl he asked to his high school P.R.O.M. in front of a large crowd of his fellow peers. Then, two years later, he was laughed at after choking clumsily as a public speaker, in front of an audience of over a thousand people. These moments sparked Jason’s commitment to growing himself towards becoming a man at his peak.


Years of intense study and devoted action followed, and consequently, Jason, while still always striving to grow daily, indeed underwent much of the transformation he sought. He realized that any man with enough drive and the open mind could make radical changes. He teaches men with these traits to do the same. To live at a peak level, with core confidence, expression, and abundance.


To contact Jason, and discuss coaching, click here. He offers a limited number of free 15 minute consultation calls and would love to speak with you.


Finally, If you haven’t already, be sure to join an expanding group of ambitious guys who want more. As you read above, your success as a man, as a research shows, is far more about your traits and your character than your looks or height.


It’s why Jason would like to formally invite you to join his insider newsletter so he can share many of the secrets that changed the lives of his clients. Because wherever you are, you have the power. When you join Jason’s team of ambitious gents, you’ll gain access to an epic training video where you’ll learn…


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