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There are several lies that hold men back socially



One in particular — created by Dr. Selye back in the 60’s when he was paid off by tobacco companies — is particularly dangerous to your social, romantic, and professional success.


Chances are… You’ve quietly been fed this nasty little lie about social nervousness.. I know I was.


It held me back. And it might be holding you back, too…


I used to really struggle socially.

I’d get nervous to place an order for pizza (over the phone)


As you’d guess, social situations, I really kept to myself. I didn’t date, hardly socialized outside my immediate peer group, and never really considered any careers that involved frequent socializing.


I felt “stuck” inside my head anytime I went somewhere new. So, I tipped toed my way around life. Why? To maintain my comfort zone. It was lonely.


But finally, the discomfort from nervousness socially became less than the frustration I felt from staying cooped up — missing out. Finally, I had enough. And while it took a while, I changed my life.


Since, I’ve made it my mission to simplify the process. To debunk the myths — and find the truth. So that other guys like you can quickly shift from the anxiousness I experienced to the freedom I now feel. After years of studying, testing, and modifying…


I’ve perfected your 3-step formula to freedom. So, what does this mean for you?


 You can say goodbye to constant social anxiety once and for all. 


Helping guys destroy their anxiety socially and create social freedom: that’s my mission. I want to help you kick that shit to the curb. And luckily for YOU, the path is clearer and easier now than ever before…


I’ll show you how to “trade-in” the nagging social nervousness for a serious upgrade – and I’ll do it for free. I want you to finally experience the liberation I have…


And say hello to what I call social freedom



Ahh yes… Social freedom… Really, social freedom is a state of mind. Where you’re calm and at ease. Socially sharp. Yet playful, too. From this place, you’re comfortable — natural in your own skin. Free to be yourself.


Guys who make this shift experience a quiet confidence that, in my opinion, never goes away. After reaching this new place, with newfound social skills and a calmer mind, you’re then able to…


Start creating the life YOU want — socially, romantically, and professionally.




Because when you’re free from the shackles of unneeded nervousness, and you combine that shift with learnable social skills and the confidence that comes with it, you are FREE to design the exact lifestyle you desire. Does that interest you?


I’d love to help. It’s my mission to help 777,777 men in my career.


And I still have… a few people to go. 😉


Joking aside, I’m incredibly passionate about helping men thrive in their social lives. This isn’t work I take lightly. Everything I produce — including a TON of FREE content — gets right to the core of the issue.


With everything I produce, I’ll challenge you to rise up to your full potential in the same way I challenge myself. By embracing the challenge, we can both enter the ranks of men who’ve broken free from the shackles of social prison and created social freedom.


Want to take your first step? 



To support a wise decision maker such as yourself…


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It’s filled with killer content. And goes super deep into the 3-steps you can follow to create your social freedom.


Again… Its free. Super valuable. And I think you’ll really like it…




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What Others Have Said…


“Working 1 on 1 with Jason was the single greatest investment I’ve ever made! Every word that came out of his mouth was golden! Even the first one hour call alone was worth millions to me!

-Chris Washington, Entrepreneur




I have approached 6 girls since the time we talked over the phone. My fear of approaching girls is disappearing and I’m becoming way more comfortable talking to ladies. There is a massive improvement in my communication by embracing silence.

Everyone is responding to me differently just by making this change in my communication style. Today, while I was coming back from school, I noticed this hawt girl in the bus. I instantly made eye contact and went up to her. But I didn’t start speaking right away like I usually do.

I took a pause and stayed silence for a good 10 seconds, then introduced myself. After I introduced myself, I didn’t have to say anything . She put in all the work and did most of the talking. I listened and encouraged her to talk .

She told me to put my number in her phone when she about to get off the bus.  I’m excited to see where this would go. Those strategies made a huge difference. Thank you so much for empowering and teaching me some valuable lessons.

I can’t even put it in words how grateful I am.”

-Anmol D.




With Jason, anything is possible. He understands the challenges one experiences in life through a series of disappointments and hardships. However, he also knows how to turn this around.

He believes one can make a transformation as long as the individual also takes the initiative to do so. As a mentor, Jason is always dedicated in helping you stay on track to achieving success. Clearly, he wants you to succeed and learn how to develop the techniques needed to transform your life/situation for the better.

Through his 4 Step Confidence Building Sequence, he provides you with a strategy to deal with any fear you have, whether it is public speaking or meeting new people. Jason reaffirms this over and over until it is part of your philosophy.

Thank you, Jason for making a difference in my life!

-Manny Mandapat, BS/MS Public Administration




“I’ve been looking for content like this to help me in my own quest for charm, and its great that I found someone who is both insightful and pleasant to listen to.

-Mats Bratlid




“Jason helped me believe in myself, have the courage to try new things, and not be afraid of rejection. So thankful for your great advice. I followed it and I’m doing so good man.”

-Jorge Gomez




Jason had the unique ability to make you feel comfortable talking about anything, no matter how profound or simple.  He also has a knack for putting an optimistic spin on stressful situations. Jason’s sincerity and trueness to people around him are what make him special.”

-Cody Sakurao, U.C.L.A. Grad, Marketing at SGN




“I started as a very shy person and did not know how to manage stressful situations; however, after one session with him, I learnt how to manage my stress level well, became more confident in all social situations, and enhanced my interpersonal skills.

-Minh Pham, U.C.L.A. Med Student



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