Ready to become confident and charismatic like Bobby Axelrod?


Yes? Then you’re in the right spot.


Learn the #1 key to finally unlock Bobby Axelrod’s confidence in this short 3 minute video…




Probably not the key you were expecting, huh?


But the truth is that if you want to be confident and charismatic and comfortable in your own skin, then you need to STOP comparing yourself to unrealistic standards of perfection.


Bobby Axelrod is a fictional character. Of course, you know that.


But when you watch Bobby Axelrod on TV and you see him dominate situations with confidence and charm and charisma, are you subconsciously comparing yourself to him?


Are you beating yourself up because you don’t have a private jet or because you don’t ALWAYS have something witty to say? Lots of guys make this mistake.


The key to stop comparing yourself to unrealistic standards starts with awareness.


Now that you’re aware that it’s harmful to your confidence to compare yourself to others — and especially to fictitious characters that embody unrealistic standards — you’re in the drivers seat.


Now, you can learn from characters like James Bond or Harvey Specter or Bobby Axelrod without comparing yourself to them!


The #1 Threat to Your Masculinity Revealed


And that’s the sweet spot.


Lastly, I’m curious, what’s the one trait you admire most in Bobby Axelrod’s (fictional) character makeup, that you’d like to work on in your own life?


Is it his mindset? His charisma? His confidence? Or something else?


Let me know in the comments section below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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