Unlock the Dating Freedom & the Confidence You Want in 30 Days: Guaranteed!


When You Commit, Here’s What You Get…


  • Effective: Jason has a proven track record for delivering his clients the goods. Expect powerful, permanent RESULTS
  • Interactive: Engage with Jason 5 days a week to ensure you create a better lifestyle with far more FREEDOM
  • Accelerated: Save your most valuable asset — time. With coaching, you’ll progress far FASTER
  • Invest: Your network predicts your net-worth. Coaching helps you make more MONEY
  • Exclusive: This isn’t an orgy of guys here. It’s truly 1 on 1. You’re the VIP
  • Personalized: Coaching is tailed to satisfy the concerns of exclusively one person: YOU
  • Intelligent: Creating freedom is absolutely epic. But hard to do alone. Create your key ADVANTAGE
  • Uplifting: The key to your success is consistent action. With Jason on your side, you’ll stay fully MOTIVATED
  • Limited: Jason only works with several clients at a time. Get his undivided attention to engineer complete SUCCESS


Get Dates. Get Confidence.

Get Results in 30 Days.



“If you can, sign up. Jason will get you where you’re trying to go.”

-Abdi Guleed


“Working 1 on 1 with Jason was the single greatest investment I’ve ever made. Every word that came out of his mouth was golden! Even the first one hour call alone was worth millions to me!

-Chris Washington


What Others Have Said…


I started as a very shy person and did not know how to manage stressful situations; however, after a session with him, I learnt how to manage my stress level well, became more confident in all social situations, and enhanced my interpersonal skills.”

-Minh Pham



Jason helped me believe in myself, have the courage to try new things, and not be afraid of rejection. So thankful for your great advice. I followed it and I’m doing so good man.”
-Jorge Gomez

“I have approached 6 girls since the time we talked over the phone.

My fear of approaching girls is disappearing and I’m becoming way more comfortable talking to ladies. There is a massive improvement in my communication by embracing silence.

Everyone is responding to me differently just by making this change in my communication style. Today, while I was coming back from school, I noticed this hawt girl in the bus. I instantly made eye contact and went up to her.

But I didn’t start speaking right away like I usually do. I took a pause and stayed silence for a good 10 seconds, then introduced myself. After I introduced myself, I didn’t have to say anything. She put in all the work and did most of the talking. I listened and encouraged her to talk .

She told me to put my number in her phone when she about to get off the bus.  I’m excited to see where this would go. Those strategies made a huge difference. Thank you so much for empowering and teaching me some valuable lessons. I can’t even put it in words how grateful I am.”

-Anmol Davis



With Jason, anything is possible. He understands the challenges one experiences in life through a series of disappointments and hardships. However, he also knows how to turn this around. He believes one can make a transformation as long as the individual also takes the initiative to do so.

As a mentor, Jason is always dedicated in helping you stay on track to achieving success. Clearly, he wants you to succeed and learn how to develop the techniques needed to transform your life/situation for the better.

Through his 4 Step Confidence Building Sequence, he provides you with a strategy to deal with any fear you have, whether it is public speaking or meeting new people. Jason reaffirms this over and over until it is part of your philosophy.

Thank you, Jason for making a difference in my life!

-Manny Mandapat




Jason had the unique ability to make you feel comfortable talking about anything, no matter how profound or simple.  He also has a knack for putting an optimistic spin on stressful situations. Jason’s sincerity and trueness to people around him are what make him special.”

-Cody Sakurao



 Frequently Asked Questions



What results can I expect with coaching?

  • Significantly reduce your nervousness socially,
  • Substantially increase your confidence and social skills,
  • Begin creating the ideal social and romantic lifestyle you truly want,
  • Create disciplined habits that will help you begin to experience results on autopilot,
  • Get massive progress towards unlocking a lifetime of confidence, discipline, and FREEDOM



What exactly do you mean by freedom?

  • Freedom starts as a state of mind. Where you’re calm and at ease around women, yet socially alert.
  • You’re playful and free. With a sense of this freedom comes a quiet confidence.
  • Suddenly, you’re able to approach women. You’re attractive to women. And women start desiring you.
  • You’re able to engineer your ideal dating life! Also expect a boost socially and professionally due to the confidence carryover.
  • Freedom the one thing I’m superb at delivering to guys like you.



But I’m really awkward. And lack confidence. Can I actually create success, confidence & freedom?

  • Short answer: Yes, you can. The science backs me up. Social skills are learned. So is confidence. We’re hardwired to connect with others, and our brains are designed to be re-shaped. With me as you coach, you will create confidence, romantic results, and true freedom.
  • It takes some men longer than others. No doubt about it. Luckily, wherever you’re at, you can create social freedom, real results, and lasting change with VIP 1-on-1 coaching.  Humans (you included) are hardwired to socialize. And your brain is designed to adapt to improved strategies that I’ll teach you. It’s why you’ll progress very quickly with me as your coach.



I don’t want people to know I paid for coaching. Will anyone figure out?

  • I wont tell a soul unless you want me to.. 😉
  • For lots of my clients, I’m their “behind the scenes” secret weapon — that secretly helps them crush it.



What exactly do I get when I enroll in VIP Coaching?

  • (5) 30 minute calls per week — where we help you crush your daily challenges while engineering personalized solutions
  • (2) one-hour master lessons a month — where we dive deep, optimize your mindset, and create lasting change
  • Daily email / text correspondence — so that you can always receive on the fly tips, strategies, and tools



When I enroll in coaching, do I get any bonuses?

  • Yes, you get instant, lifetime full access to every online training course I ever have created (and ever will create)
  • This alone is a $6997 value — yours FREE when you enroll with me for a month of VIP 1-on-1 coaching



What if I am unhappy with the course / coaching?

  • If you don’t get all time high results in your first 30 days, I’ll insist on giving you every penny back.
  • It’s that simple; I am certain VIP 1-on-1 coaching gets you RESULTS.
  • Get results or get every single penny back. Guaranteed.



When do the bonus courses start and finish? How long do I get access for?

  • Online access to my exclusive online trainings starts now and never ends! A completely self-paced online set of courses, you decide when you start and when you finish.
  • If you choose, you can also receive audio recordings of every single one of our personalized 1-on-1 VIP coaching calls — a $9997 value — yours FREE



Can we discuss coaching before I enroll?

  • Yes. We WILL talk before finalizing our agreement — to ensure we both experience success working together.



Is this investment worth it?

  • How badly do you value the romantic freedom, confidence, and success? For me, experiencing this is worth a million dollars.
  • If you value your time, the idea of freedom, and you desperately want to create a far better lifestyle in MONTHS if not weeks, then it’s absolutely worth it — and then some.



Can we talk in between coaching calls?

  • Yes, my VIP clients get my private contact information and can reach me each day. I encourage this.



Is one month of coaching a guarantee to get me results?

  • In one month, I guarantee that when you follow through, you’ll experience massive progress and next level results.
  • However, there is no guarantee that you’ll reach your wildest goals in 1 month.
  • Getting the life you want — in a month — depends on what stage you’re currently at. This is something I assess before we begin working together, when we talk in a free consultation call.
  • In your free consultation call, that takes place before we work together, you will be given a personalized assessment of what results you can expect — and how long it will take you to reach your ultimate goals.



How much does coaching cost?

  • A potentially million dollar value to your life — and maybe even your bank account — VIP 1-on-1 coaching costs $4997 per month.
  • One month minimum is required for VIP 1-on-1 Coaching.



Should I invest in coaching?

You should only invest in coaching if you are…

  • 1) Willing to take the actions required to achieve real results.
  • 2) Strongly pulled towards the idea of creating confidence, success, freedom for yourself.
  • 3) 100% ready to change your life, and create results — by getting skin in the game.

Unlock the Dating Freedom, the Confidence and
Lifestyle You Want…


Are you quietly craving more?


Are you tired of not having sex? Do you find yourself struggling to rationalize why you work so hard each week? What’s the point if you can’t feel confident and get the good things in life, right?


Why not spend your time with the sexy girlfriend of your desires? Don’t you deserve the opportunity to choose the perfect woman from an abundance of options?


And don’t you deserve to feel confident as a man each and every day?


If this is where you’re at, I get it because I used to be in the exact same place. It sucks. I feel you dude. I’ll share my story later… But first, let me ask you…


When you are out, do you struggle to connect with people? And are you struggling to motivate yourself to finally create that exciting social and sexual life that you truly want? If so, don’t worry.


You’re in the right place. 


I’ve helped lots of guys overcome nervousness, build their social confidence, create a better lifestyle, unlock dating results… And move closer to what I call… Social freedom.


Here’s what I can tell you: you really can create an awesome, abundant social and romantic life for yourself. A life of social freedom. And with me as your right hand man, there’s literally no doubt that the life you’ve been imagining can happen far faster than you’ve imagined.


But before we talk about the details, let me ask you…



Are you ready to stop imagining and start acting? 

Just imagine…


It’s a sunny afternoon and you’re feeling good.  Maybe it’s the weather, perhaps it’s that you have plans later this evening to grab a drink with a few buddies, or maybe it’s that your phone is blowing up with texts… Whatever the reason(s), everything feels amazing.


As you walk down the street, you find yourself whistling along… You say hi to a couple of cute women as you pass by. They giggle as you continue on your way. Then, a minute later, out of the corner of your eye…


You see two stunning women sitting together at an outdoor cafe.


So what do you do?  Without any reservation whatsoever, you slightly change directions and head towards them. Gracefully, you approach their table, not blabbing your face off, but rather, by taking your time. You pause and smile.


After a refreshing moment, you quip…


“Well, well, well… What do we have here?”


They both giggle. You stare into the eyes of the woman you find especially attractive. Then, you calmly introduce yourself. From here, you crack a joke — while you bring a playfully fun and flirty vibe.


Clearly enjoying your company, the pair ask if you’d like to get a cup of coffee and stick around for a few. After teasing them about talking to strangers, you agree.


Things continue just swimmingly. However, being the busy guy that you are, after around twenty minutes, you share that you need to get going.



Without any hesitation, you lead by exchanging phone numbers with your two new “friends.”

While exchanging numbers, you consider inviting them out with your friends later.  From all indications, they’d probably say yes. But just before making the invite, a little thought flashes into your mind.


Shit. Sarah just told me she’s coming out later.


Since the two of you are on the verge of something, you decide to keep it classy and you keep your mouth shut. Instead, you say you’ll shoot them an invite the next time you and your friends do something fun.


And just like that, you wish your two new lady friends a delightful day as you continue on your merry way. Now back on your path, you remember to pat yourself on the back for taking action.


Then, that thought pops back into your head. You smile and think to yourself


Damn, I love life. I’m really fucking happy.


For the first time in years, you’re truly amped about life. It’s almost like everything is finally falling into place. Finally, you realize, you’re living close to your potential. After finishing your walk from the outdoor coffee shop, you walk inside your place and head to the elevator.


“I’ll never let this momentum go,” you say to yourself.


Upstairs now, you have a little moment… A private moment where you take a second to embrace your newfound freedom. You feel yourself fill with excitement. Excitement that’s authentic — because you’re a changed man!


With passion and joy resonating deep from within your core as a man, you rejoice out loud,



“YES! It’s about time!” 

How interested are you in that kind of confidence?


Believe it or not, this can be you.


I’m confident that no matter where you are, you can create this kind of lifestyle. You can experience this level of confidence. And yes, you can tap into your true sense freedom.


Freedom: The freedom to talk to anyone, anywhere, while putting yourself out there in a charmingly authentic way. You can unlock the freedom to tease and joke with everyone you meet. You can create this inner comfort with yourself. It stems from knowing that you’re enough — regardless of what people say.


But here’s the real question: How badly do you want to go through your day with that quiet confidence to know that you’re in control?


Are you truly ready to create the kind of life that you’re truly excited to be living? Where you have things to do and people to see. Do you want to get to that place of social freedom where you can meet women and speak up at work? Many guys, at their core, don’t want this. The change would be too much for them to handle.


So let me ask you…


How much better would life be if you know that regardless of what any woman or person says to you — that you could remain confident?


And assured that you’re the man?


Let me tell you this… While it’s quite difficult to do alone, you can make this shift. And in VIP 1-on-1 coaching, I show you how to literally free yourself from the overbearing concern of what others think — step by step — in way less time than you’d imagine possible.


You will systematically free yourself from the opinions of others.



And when you tap into this awesome power that resides within you, everything flips. Suddenly, you carry yourself with a newfound confidence. No longer do you feel stuck inside your head. The nervousness is gone. We replace it with a calm spontaneity that people love. And most importantly you’re filled up with a calm sense of freedom that you’ll personally love carrying with you.


By making this shift, you notice that people respond to you differently. Women, men, everyone. And it all stems from the fact that you feel different on the inside — which translates to real tangible changes on the outside.


And best of all… These changes can happen fast.

Here’s what Anmol, a former VIP coaching client, wrote to me recently…

“I have approached 6 girls since the time we talked over the phone. My fear of approaching girls is disappearing and I’m becoming way more comfortable talking to ladies. There is a massive improvement in my communication by embracing silence.


Everyone is responding to me differently just by making this change in my communication style. Today, while I was coming back from school, I noticed this hawt girl in the bus. I instantly made eye contact and went up to her. But I didn’t start speaking right away like I usually do.


I took a pause and stayed silence for a good 10 seconds, then introduced myself. After I introduced myself, I didn’t have to say anything . She put in all the work and did most of the talking. I listened and encouraged her to talk.


She told me to put my number in her phone when she about to get off the bus.  I’m excited to see where this would go. Those strategies made a huge difference. Thank you so much for empowering and teaching me some valuable lessons.


I can’t even put it in words how grateful I am.”


-Anmol D.

Seeing guys like Anmol make such rapid changes is incredibly inspiring. And as you’ll see in a bit, he’s certainly not the only guy I’ve helped make this shift towards social freedom.


In fact, Anmol’s story is right in line with what’s to be expected when you work with me 1-on-1 with VIP coaching. And although you can’t hear the tone of Anmol’s voice through writing, I can assure you he was ecstatic about the growth he experienced.


He was also quite amazed at how quickly things improved…


And I get it 100%.


Going nervousness to social freedom has been the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced.


Here’s the real question: How badly do you want your freedom? 


How badly do you want to make that same kind of shift? Because I only work with guys who really fucking want it. Why? because while it’s incredibly fulfilling, creating social freedom for yourself is challenging.



Even with VIP 1 on 1 coaching with yours truly… 😉 


Joking aside, it all comes down to how bad you want it. If you don’t want it, even with me as your coach, you wont do what you need to do to succeed.



And I wouldn’t want you to throw away your money… But my friend. If you’re like I was…



And you’re you sick and tired of feeling nervous socially…


…If you can’t stand to pass up on the opportunities that life presents you with any more. If you are 100% ready to start claiming life by the fucking balls. Then keep reading. Here’s the great news…


VIP 1 on 1 Coaching Will Get You the Life You Want. 



I get guys results. It’s why I back up my VIP Coaching Program with a money back guarantee.   How can I be so confident in this offer? Because the science shows, and my coaching experience with clients of diverse backgrounds and talents validates, that social freedom is obtainable by all. You can do this!   The number one reason…?


You’re hardwired to thrive socially.



New brain research indicates that because of our evolution, the human brain is meant to connect with people and to learn the skills needed to do just that — thrive socially and create social freedom.





This explains how I made such a rapid transformation in my own life.  A story we’re getting to soon…   But what does this mean for you?


It means even if you feel very awkward and anxious in social situations, you can make a breakthrough. 



That’s the biggest takeaway I hope you leave here with. Whether you and I work together or not 🙂   If you take enough action, you will improve your social life. While there’s a lot more that goes into everything I deliver as a coach, getting clients to take tons of action is one of the keys behind why my clients kick so much ass!



It’s why coaching is so effective… Because I make sure you take acton!

Taking massive action is how my former clients, like Anmol and Chris Washington, make such rapid changes. Your brain literally changes and develops acute social skills when you get out there and really go!



And this doesn’t only help you get an awesome girlfriend.

Or get laid.




The more you socialize, the better you get in all social situations. Whether you’re at work, in a negotiation, an interview, or at the bar after a full day of hustling… The more you socialize in general, the better you get in all areas.



As the saying goes, your network predicts your net worth. This is yet another huge reason why I so deeply believe in creating social freedom.



I believe in creating the social, romantic, and professional success you really desire. That’s what living life at it’s peak is all about. And that’s what you and I really want, right?



Social freedom baby. It can be yours. And it can happen pretty damned quick.


Of course, if you’re just winging it and you’re not aware of the details, your development will be slower. Having a coach like myself to ping you with lessons absolutely shortens the learning curve. It’s one of the biggest assets I deliver my clients. Put simply…



I save you tons to time and stress.



Besides motivating you to continue taking massive action, my chief job is to shorten your learning curve by showing you subtle details that help you motivate yourself and act more smoothly in social situations.


I make your growth process towards social freedom faster and easier..


And I keep you from making the same mistakes over and over that I made. Really, I keep you from making a regular dork out of yourself. My job as a coach is shorten your learning curve.


Full disclosure: there’s no doubt you can create social freedom with or without me. The questions to ask yourself are… How good are you at keeping yourself motivated? How easy do you want it to be? And how fast do you want it?


While it may take 50 weeks for you to unlock social freedom solo…



We can get the job done in 5.

Let’s imagine another scene…


You’re at work. And while you’re a real hustler, you catch yourself daydreaming.


Daydreaming about one day traveling the world and exploring. Going wherever you want. Experiencing life on your terms. And truly living the life you know you’re capable of experiencing…


You know… the shit you’ve always dreamt about. The lifestyle. The woman. The freedom.



You can feel the sand beneath your feet

Then, you suddenly snap out of the daydream. The thought of money creeps in and snaps you back to reality. Stress re-enters. And you’re hit with a simple realization..


“To travel the world and experience true freedom, I need to make more money…”


Just then, you overhear your peer say something. Your boss is looking for a fresh new perspective. He wants somebody to present his or her ideas to the office.


Suddenly, you have a chance to speak up at work & make your mark. 



And while the old you would have panicked… And then passed up the chance… Today is different. You’ve invested in yourself and now, you’re a new man.


After taking massive acton, building your social skills, improving your confidence, and creating your social freedom… You’re ready to go. You know you can deliver in virtually any situation. So when you hear that there’s an opportunity to speak up…

You feel calm. You act decisively. And you say yes. 


You tell your boss with a smirk, “Yes, I will present my ideas to the office later today.”


Sure enough, two hours later, you walk up to the podium.


All eyes are on you. What you have to say?


Not a problem. You’re comfortable thinking on your feet. Without prep, you embrace giving an impromptu talk. You’re spontaneous. So what do you do? Naturally, with your refined social skills, you set the mood with a playful introduction and your good attitude. And then, being the smart guy that you are, you deliver.


Not just with your newfound ability to deliver a great story and a few jokes, but with your killer ideas.

After thirty minutes, you conclude your talk with an off-the-cuff joke followed by a firm call to action — one that strongly reiterates your main point. Then, you bask in the silence — aptly sub-communicating that the speech is finished.


And what do you know…

You receive a spectacular applause.


At that very moment, you feel a warm sensation flowing through your body. And it’s not from the applause. But rather, it’s self-validating. You know that you deserve this good feeling — not necessarily for the warm reception you received — but rather, for the courage and decisiveness you displayed by taking this speech on the fly. A real demonstration of your social freedom in action.


After your presentation, you find yourself mingling with your peers. You keep receiving praise, not only for your ideas, but for how well you delivered. While you’re happy with how it went, you downplay your newfound social confidence and re-direct conversation to the main points you hit during your speech. That’s what you truly care about anyways.


Just then, your boss taps you on the shoulder. You excuse yourself from the group. Just then, he tells you he wants to speak with you privately over dinner later this week about implementing some of your ideas…



“Hmmm… Maybe I’ll be able to get that promotion, after all..”

Social freedom opens up the doors of opportunity.



Because when it’s fully embodied, it’s your new way of operation. Which begs the question… What exactly are we aiming for with VIP 1-on-1 coaching with the goal of unlocking your social freedom? And really, what is social freedom?



Ahh yes… Social freedom… Social freedom starts as a state of mind. Where you’re calm and at ease around people, yet socially smooth and aware.



With newfound smooth social skills and a quiet mind —  you start to notice a quiet confidence that never leaves. And from here, good things start to happen…Because you’re finally free. And free flowing 😉



No matter where you are, this can be your reality: The quiet confidence to deliver in any social situation, at any time….Social freedom is about being able to tackle any social situation with that calm certainty that’s backed up with legit social skills.


When you get to this point, the coolest part is that you’re able to start creating — and designing — the lifestyle you really want. That’s what I help my clients do… This is when you’re advanced. And at this point…




You’re energizing both yourself and everyone around you — bringing a breath of fresh air. 

If you’ve always quietly always craved this, welcome “home.”



Most people don’t get it. They don’t see the world like you do. Like I do. Like we do. They don’t crave freedom. Because while they chase what they chase, we’re here. Ready to commit to a life of freedom.



A place of social freedom ensures your social success is within your hands. It’s life on your terms.


Who says you can’t propose to a girl you’ve never seen?


Look. I like freedom. I like imbuing people with a better day. And now that I have that freedom, I might just do whatever the fuck I feel like doing. It’s liberating. And it’s absolutely something you can unlock with VIP 1 on 1 Coaching.


But I get it. This whole social freedom thing can feel out of reach. Especially when you’re currently feeling anxious and perhaps, a bit insecure.


It’s at this time that I want keep it real with you dude.  Here’s the simple truth: I didn’t always have “social freedom.” Not at all. I was on the polar opposite side of the spectrum,


Hell, once upon a time I got nervous just to place an order for pizza. Literally.


And it sure wasn’t easy to get it. Getting to a place where I can honestly say I’m “socially free” was a real difficulty. It was a true challenge where I felt like I was climbing up a mountain that kept raising in elevation.


I didn’t know if I’d ever break free.


I felt very nervous socially for many years.

I was always stuck in my head. Over-analyzing everything. Often awkward in social situations. And I was teased quite a lot. It was a real struggle. It felt lonely and very frustrating. Have you ever felt this way?


But then, something glorious happened to me.


I got laughed at in front of a thousand people.  

I know, how could that be a good thing? I’ll get to that. But first, this picture above was taken just moments before I delivered my big speech. As you can clearly see, I was quite nervous.


The speech, because of how (badly) it was delivered, was the most awkward thing I’ve ever done. It was cringe worthy. (I’ll share the dirty details another time). For this conversation, I’ll cut to the chase: giving this speech, on one end, threatened whatever bit of confidence I had in myself.


But getting laughed at did something else for me.


It made me realize how safely I was engaging with life. 



Up to this point, when I’d see a cute girl — I’d look the other way. When I had a chance to speak up, I’d keep my hand down and stay quiet. I was passive and timid.

But after being laughed at for being so awkward…I was absolutely fed up with this way of living. Sick of not being able to tackle life by the fucking hornsI’ll never forget laying in bed that night after my speech. I had an epiphany.



I realized I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


Ever been there? Maybe you feel this way right now.  Like a light switch, I found myself relentlessly driven to create more confidence in my social and romantic life.


I didn’t know yet that it was social freedom that I was most deeply after. But I sure as hell knew I was after something. And for the first time in my life, I was willing to do whatever the fuck it took to get it.

This shift in my thinking felt really liberating.


At first.


But then, reality set in. And I began to look at this situation, not with motivation flowing through my veins, but rather, with a pragmatic mindset. This was about the point where I realized I needed to face all of my fears — step by step.


And on top of summoning the motivation, I also one other signiticant obstacle to overcome… Where was I supposed to begin?


Just because I finally unlocked the desire and the motivation didn’t mean I knew specifically how to make this shift. What followed was a mess…



Without a mentor, I struggled. I was frustrated, awkward, and depressed for months at a time.


It was extremely difficult trying to unlock social freedom alone. While most people around me couldn’t see the struggle, I almost gave up multiple times. Make no mistake, it was difficult to keep motivating myself when I kept creating awkward vibes without knowing why or what to do differently.


Again, I’m sure you’ve experienced this first hand. Sure, with sheer force of will, I finally achieved my goals. And I wont lie, it felt really damned good to finally enjoy the pleasure of going on multiple dates with different women I’d met in a single day.


It felt amazing to finally cultivate the skill set to speak up at work and to present my ideas to a live audience. And while I don’t regret how I went from being nervous to the place of social freedom I’ve arrived at…


I wouldn’t recommend the path I took to anyone who values their time and has money to invest in themselves.


Here’s the truth:


I will 10X your learning speed towards social freedom (and the results that come with it).



My sheer focus professionally is to get guys like you social freedom. Here’s what you’ll want to consider… 


1) YES: You can create social freedom for yourself —  all by yourself.

2) YES: You’ll get there wayyyyyy faster if you roll with me.   Those are the facts.   Here’s what it comes down to..



My VIP 1 on 1 Coaching is Only for Guys Who Want Social Freedom Faster, Easier, and Better


Does the following sound like you?


  • You value your time — and the fact that life is SHORT!
  • You make good money but aren’t enjoying life to it’s fullest!
  • You deeply desire social freedom and you resonate with myself and my message!
  • You are absolutely sick of living a life of mediocrity!
  • You are completely tired of being average and you’re obsessed with creating a life with more freedom!



Then YES – you should invest in yourself and get VIP coaching.

My VIP Coaching Program Will Change Your Life.



I beleive that with every fiber of my being. But you must be willing to put in the work so that you’ll get there.


That’s how it goes when you want to reduce your nervousness, build social confidence, and create a kick ass lifestyle. You must take action. There’s no getting around that. That’s whether you work with me, someone else, or tackle this thing alone. Anyone who tells you that you can build confidence and develop your social skills without getting out there is lying to you!


It’s why I consistently motivate my clients to take action. It’s why I hold them accountable.  Because make no mistake, I push my clients. And if we work together soon, I’ll push you, too.


It’s why I’m guaranteed you and I will make KILLER gains. It’s why I know you can create the life you want. You can literally engineer your personal freedom. But this isn’t some hocus-pocus “Law of Attraction” junk.


Nope. What I teach rooted in the very essence of physics. Maybe you’ve heard of that one guy… Sir Issac Newton. He has three laws of physics, maybe you’ve heard of this one:


Whatever stays in rest remains in rest. Whatever’s in motion remains in motion.


Well… when you and I work together, we change your life by getting you in motion and keeping you there! But this isn’t mindless running on the treadmill action we’re talking about here…



We take strategic action and get you results by following a proven 3-step process.



First, in step one, we overcome your nervousness using systematic desensitization. Put in simple terms, we gradually push your comfort zones day by day to create some initial momentum for you.


Next, in step two, we continue to build your confidence while unlocking newfound social awarenesses and skillsets. Here, you continue to take action, and by now, your nervousness is replaced with newfound confidence and skill that you’ll use to approach women, speak up, start conversations and meet awesome new people. 


Finally, step three is about applying your ever increasing momentum for good. Here, you and I collaborate and discover exactly what lifestyle results you desire. Romantic, social, and professional goals are each discussed. Once we get clear on the life you truly desire, we equip you with the nuanced principles of influence, social dymanics, psychology, and persuasion that you’ll need to go out there and get more sales, more dates, more opportunites, and really… More Freedom.

Using these 3-steps, you’ll make epic progress in 30 days. I guarantee it.


How can I be so confident? I’ve seen enough client transformations to know how this shit works. I happen to know that action is the ultimate secret to success. And with me, I’ll not only hold you accountable to taking action, but we’ll be taking strategic action.


And this is how you get life-changing results.


What we do is all about results.



Right about now is a good time to ask yourself…


How badly do you want to end the frustration and create a better life?


How much do you crave the freedom to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, effortlessly? Do you reeeeeaaaallly want this? Because if you don’t, VIP 1 on 1 coaching is NOT for you.


But if you truly want to make a shift and experience social freedom…


Then my man…


You are a perfect fit for VIP 1 on 1 coaching.


Ready to create social freedom?

Make Massive Progress in 30 Days or Your Money Back




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  • Personalized: Coaching is customized to satisfy the one person that matters: YOU
  • Intelligent: Social freedom is absolutely epic. But hard to do alone. Create your key ADVANTAGE
  • Uplifting: The key to your success is consistent action. With Jason on your side, you’ll stay fully MOTIVATED
  • Limited: Jason only works with several clients at a time. Get his undivided attention and engineer your social SUCCESS

Unlock the Freedom and the Confidence You Want

Who knows where VIP coaching might lead…

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