Struggling to turn any of your dates into hot sex? Uncover how to finally make firework sex happen on a date. This is your step-by-step guide for moving your date towards sex…


What follows are 9 keys I recommend you follow in order, on your dates, in order to move things towards amazing sex that both you AND the girl will enjoy.


Before we dive in, note that these 9 steps are absolutely NOT a “guarantee” that sex will happen. Rather, what follows is a step-by-step guide that, when followed, ensures you create the best chance possible for the two of you finishing your night with sexual fireworks.


Sound good? If so, then let’s dive in. 😉


You’re about to uncover the 9 steps you wanna follow to lead a date towards sex…



But first, let me share a HUGE KEY towards ensuring you sustainably enjoy an amazing sex life! Here it is: never kiss and tell!


As the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Well, I’d add to that by saying, “What happens between you and the girl, stays between you and the girl.”


In short, don’t brag to your buddies — or to anyone for that matter — about who you had sex with.


Women can quickly see their reputation go down the shitter if their peers realize they slept with you on a casual basis!


So, when you’re putting these 9 steps into play, as you look to lead your dates towards sex, remember to zip your lip afterwards. Because as you’re going to see, the only way to consistently enjoy an exciting and fulfilling sex life is to ensure BOTH you and the girl are BETTER OFF as a result of having sex together!


And running your mouth is the fastest way to jeopardize this for her! And now, with that important point made, let’s dive deeper…


If you’d rather dig into this step-by-step guide for leading your dates towards sex — by watching a video instead of reading — you can press play here:


Since you’re reading here, I assume you wanna read to succeed instead 😉


Let’s dive in…


#1: You Cannot NEED Sex 

If at any point whatsoever, you NEED to have sex, you will immediately repulse the woman. She’ll grab her bag and head for the door faster than you can snap your fingers! As I wrote about here, neediness is a HUGE turn off!



Sure, you can want sex. Absolutely! In fact, you’ll see how conveying your desires actually turns women ON! But wanting sex is VERY different than NEEDING sex.


Here are a few tips you can use to ensure you never give off needy behaviors on your dates…

  • Uncover your purpose — or your mission as a man — and spend the majority of your life focused on dominating it. Having a strong purpose that you care about more than anything else inherently makes you less needy. When you have a mission as a man, and you can learn how to find yours here, your cup is already full. This means, having great sex becomes the cherry on top, instead of the sundae itself.
  • If you haven’t had sex in a long time before your date, I recommend letting some of the juice outta the carton. I know the “no-fap” (no masturbating) movement is strong right now, but if you’re too horny to control yourself sexually, then yes — masturbating before your date may work wonders for you. Some guys love doing “no-fap.” If it’s working for you, awesome. But if you’re getting TOO NEEDY for sex on your dates, then dude — let some spunk out! 😉
  • Find a girl who’s into having a friends-with-benefits relationship with you, which I reveal how to do here. Having regular sex is the fastest way to remove needy behaviors.


Once you remove all needy behaviors, you’ll find everything you do on a date becomes far more attractive to women. And doing so will also increase your odds of successfully pulling of step 2…


#2: Get Her to Your Place

Sure, you could have sex in an alley, behind the bar, or in a park. And to be honest, I recommend you do so at least once. Having sex in wild places can be quite the thrill 😉


However, your place is by far the best location to move your dates to, if you wanna end the night with some wild hot sex. But how?


If the woman you’re with is clearly into you, which I reveal how to determine here, then simply invite her back to your place. Just say, “Hey, let’s go back to my place for a bit.”


If you’ve found a clear interest the girl likes, you can add that to your invitation. For example, “Hey, I’ve got [her favorite drink] at home. Let’s take a cab back to my place and have some.”


As you can see, this is precisely what Brad’s saying to Angelina right here… 😉



Given the girl is quite interested, a simple invitation to chill at your place should work. However, if the girl is on the fence, giving her both an option to join you AND the option to go her own way works wonders.


Here, simply say, “Hey, I’m gonna go back to my place. And I’d like it if you joined me for a drink. But if you want to head home, that’s cool too.”


Giving her the freedom of choice, and by not putting pressure on a girl who’s on the fence, significantly increases the odds she’ll decide to come back to your place, especially if you’ve been creating a fun and flirty vibe thus far during the night.


#3: Have Music & Drinks Available

Your job as the man is to create an environment where a woman can enjoy herself, have fun, and feel free to be herself. Music and drinks increase the odds this occurs.


First, if you can, invest in a little speaker system to bump some tunes. A simple, portable speaker will do the trick. Yes, if you’re ballin’ on a big budget, then investing in a dope sound system will make your place that much more attractive.


That said, the key isn’t the quality of the music you’re playing. Rather, it’s about putting on some music that mimics what you’d hear in a trendy nightclub. Music sets the mood. So don’t forget this one.


The other half of this equation is having some booze. Now, the goal isn’t to force the girl to drink. Hell no! Never EVER pressure the girl to drink.


My recommendation: have some beer, some rum, and some coke. That’s all you need. Then, simply tell her what options are available and ask her if she want’s a drink. It’s that simple 😉


Harvey Specter Winking


Sure, just as before, if you wanna splash for some expensive booze or fancy wine, you can. It might help you a bit more. But it’s not necessary. All you want is to have a few “easy to drink” beverages. I’ve found having beer, rum, and coke gets that job done.


Then, after entering your place, putting on some music, and offering the girl a drink, move on to step four…


#4: Keep it Chill for at Least 30 Minutes 

The biggest mistake guys get when the get a girl back to their place is moving in for sex right away. Don’t do this! Unless the girl aggressively escalates on you — and practically begs you to have sex with her — just chill for the first 30 minutes once you get back to your place.


With the music playing and a drink in hand, I recommend either casually flirting or dancing. You have exactly one girl as the man once the girl is back to your place: make sure the both of you are having FUN.


That’s literally it. If you two are having fun, things will take shape nicely — especially when you keep acting based on the step-by-step principles you’re learning here. Trust me 😉


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Remember too: being isolated back at your place with some music, some booze perhaps, and of course a stallion such as yourself, is plenty to get her a bit excited. Let the environment, and the idea that she’s isolated with a stud (that’s you!) do the heavy lifting. Staying chill for the first 30 minutes, by just dancing and/or flirting — and by NOT trying to have sex right away — creates LOTS of passive attraction.


And as I wrote about here, creating attraction passively is actually more effective than trying to “actively” turn on a woman by going too aggressive, too fast. Chilling for the first 30 minutes to an hour also creates space for her to invest emotionally, and to chase none of there than YOU… 😉


#5: Start Escalating (Two Steps Forward, One Step Back)

After the two of you have enjoyed yourselves for a bit back at your place, it’s time to start moving things forward. This is when things really start moving towards sex — but only if you escalate properly! Let me explain…


First of all, the big idea with escalating is this: move two steps forward, and then, before she gets uncomfortable because you’re escalating too quickly, take one (and sometimes two or three) steps back!


For example, say you move in and kiss the girl. Then, the two of you start making out for a few seconds. This is an escalation. A minute ago, the two of you hadn’t kissed. And now? You two are making out. Now, instead of trying to move things forward straight away, by say trying to take off her clothes or reach down her pants, instead, STOP kissing her FIRST!


Go back to chilling for a few minutes. Then, when you see an opportunity, kiss her again. Move right into a more passionate make out. This time, run your hands down her thighs and quickly rub her butt. But then? Right when she’s expecting you to “go for the kill,” de-escalate! Take your hands away. And perhaps, even stop kissing her altogether.


Continuing in this way is precisely how you escalate in a way that leads to sex. You move two steps forward, one step back, during the entire process! Now, by escalating and de-escalating as discussed, there’s a good chance she’ll get extremely horny — to the point where she asks you if you have condoms.


If this happens, then go forth! Go get em’ tiger! Ravish her! Enjoy!


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But assuming this doesn’t happen, keep escalating and de-escalating for the next thirty minutes to an hour. And, assuming she hasn’t made it explicit that she wants sex NOW, continue onto step 6…


#6: Help Her Choose to Stay the Night or Leave

The key here is putting her wants, desires, and needs first. And I mean that. After the two of you have hooked up, touched each other, and enjoyed some sexual fun, but without the finish of amazing sex, it’s your job to help your date either decide to go home or to stay the night.


The line I’ve found to be effective is this, “Hey, I’m going to bed now. If you want, we can get you a taxi. That said, I’d like it if you stayed the night.”


This gives her the choice. And really, it makes her DECIDE to sleep over. Which is ideal, because when a woman decides to say over, she’s almost certainly signing herself for a funky night between the sheets…


Or on the floor 😉


The dark side


If the woman hasn’t already jumped your bones by this point, then this likely the biggest hurdle between the two of you having amazing sex. Know that sometimes, for whatever reason, the girl will choose to leave. And that’s okay.


For one, you don’t wanna have sex with a girl who’s not into you! Second of all, there’s a great chance that if a girl leaves at this point, she’ll come back next time and take you up on the offer to stay the night.


Now, assuming she DOES chose to stay the night (and if you escalated well before, and made her really horny, there’s a hell of a good chance she WILL stay over), it’s time to proceed to the next step…


#7: Vocalize Your Desires 

As I wrote about here, women get massively turned on when a dominant man expresses his RAW desire for her — especially when he does so explicitly, using carnal language.


And we’ll get to how to do just that in a moment. But first, if the woman doesn’t jump your bones right a way, I recommend actually “trying to just go to sleep.”


By “trying” to go to sleep, you get the woman really horny. Because trust me, once she’s committed to sleeping with you, she’s done so because she’s looking for some raw pleasure herself. When you “just start going to sleep” for a few minutes, you and the woman will naturally find yourselves “sleeping together.”


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Let her lay on you, spoon you, or vice-versa. Then, once you feel yourself getting TOO turned on to “fall asleep,” flip the script. Go back on the offense. And escalate!


This time, escalate aggressively! State to her what she’s doing to you, how she’s making you feel, and what you desire to do to her. Use naughty, dirty, explicit language! Let your inner masculine beast out. Don’t hold back! Setting the tone, by speaking carnally and honestly and sexually, gives her freedom to reciprocate 😉


Tell her “how hard she’s making you,” explain to her “that you can’t help yourself,” and share that “you want to be deep inside of her.” But of course, don’t state this until you sense “it’s on.” Meaning, she’s just as aroused as you are, if not more!


Once you reach this point, if she hasn’t BEGGED you to “put it in” yet, then you’re ready for step 8…


#8: Reveal that You Have Condoms 

Ahhh yes, the glorious moment when you two are so excited that you voraciously dig alongside your bed for some Trojan’s! 😉


If the woman hasn’t asked to have sex yet, or if she hasn’t asked you if you have condoms, then simply say something like this, “I want you baby. And I have condoms…”


Given you’ve escalated like the champ that you are, saying this will likely get her to excitedly agree to having sex with you! And, if she doesn’t explicitly state that she’s ready for more, then just keep escalating and de-escalating as we discussed above.


All while deploying the last step that leads to some good ol’ fashioned life-chains sex… 😉


#9: Get Her So Turned On That Sex HAS to Happen 

Two steps forward, one step back. That’s the formula that turns on women. Of course, by now, things have taken lots of steps forward! By now, you’ve likely deployed just about every tool in your tool bag! 😉


Mixing massage, fingering her, kissing her, perhaps eating her out if you’re into that (I’m not), and dirty talk into the mix — when continued and cycled long enough — should get her so turned on that sex HAS to happen.


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And while each of those techniques listed above, especially once mastered, will increase your odds of the night ending in sex by a considerable margin, there’s one key that’s EVEN MORE IMPORTANT…


Deeply desiring the woman, but without needing her. This is a complicated one. Because on one end, sharing your raw, unfiltered desire for her is a massive turn on! However, if you do so from a needy frame, you will absolutely turn her off!


So, make sure everything you do comes from a “making the night even better” frame, instead of a  “my night wont be complete unless we have sex” frame. When you frame everything you do from this perspective, where the two of you are simply aiming to achieve higher and higher pleasure, sex is all but inevitable, because sex IS the ultimate climax.


But if you EVER, even for just a moment, give off the vibe that you wont be content if you two do NOT have sex, then you’ll turn her off in a flash! So remember that when you’re in the sack with a delightful little lady, alright? 😉


In Conclusion…

Sex is all about having more fun, making a deeper connection, and experiencing even greater pleasure with your date! Never forget this. It’s not about “getting sex from the girl,” it’s about “enjoying the process towards sex with the girl.”


That may sound “soft” or even “gay” to you, but trust me dude — it’s CRUCIAL to your sex life.


When you see sex as a “win win” — where both you AND the girl are better off because of the sex you two had — you’ll unlock more sexual freedom, fulfillment, and abundance than you EVER had before!


Trust me. I speak from experience 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Ready to DOMINATE as a Single Man?

PSS – Which of these keys you uncovered here today do you think you needed to hear the most? I wanna hear from you, sir! Share your reply right here in the comments box 👇🏼


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