#1 Body Language Cue to Spot Discomfort Revealed



The ability to read non-verbal cues gives you insight into what people are ACTUALLY thinking and feeling.


Because let’s call an ace an ace… while most people will not reveal personal information unless liquored or secluded, they WILL often give hints of discomfort regarding touchy issues.


It’s in these tense, pressure situations (the moments with the biggest impact on your life) that people’s body language cues speak more truth than anything else. Think about it…


What applicant in an interview is going to raise his hand and say he’s an embezzler? And what woman is going to proclaim that she’s a gold digger on a first date? And while more people have good intentions than not, you always want to keep your eyes open to the truth.


In the moments people have most to hide, it’s usually the very most subtle cues of all that say the most about a person’s true intent…


Body Language Cue Discomfort



Hey, it’s Jason here, creator of peakunderpressure.com and in this blog post, I’m revealing the #1 sign you can look for to tell if a person’s uncomfortable.


Upon uncovering this important body language signal, you’ll be able to 1) uncover information people are trying to disclose, 2) easily pivot your thread of conversation so that people don’t feel uncomfortable, and 3) notice when you yourself feel nervous, and be aware whether or not you’re sub communicating that nervousness.


To uncover this body language cue signaling discomfort, watch this video breakdown. In this breakdown, we dive deep by analyzing an interview that hits a touchy and sensitive subject, featuring Jon Hamm, who discusses his experiences playing the role the troubled Don Draper, from Madmen.


This Video Breakdown Shows What the #1 Body Language Cue Signaling Discomfort Looks Like…




As revealed in the video above, the #1 signal a person is uncomfortable is UNNECESSARY PHYSICAL MOVEMENT.


Whether it’s darting eyes, an unnecessary sway, moving hands or a bouncing leg as you saw in the breakdown above, these unnecessary physical movements are a crystal clear signal the person you’re speaking to, listening to, or observing, is uncomfortable.


To better identify what these cues look like, re-watch this 2-minute interview and notice Hamm’s unnecessary movements. You’ll notice these cues are most pronounced when Draper’s bad habits are the focus point of the conversation – which occurs at the beginning (and the very end) of the clip.



Now, did you notice how those movements lessen as he gains comfort with the topic thread at hand, as well as, when the topic moves away from Draper’s drinking (which is eerily similar to his admittedly similar struggle) and towards the overall plot line of the show?


Keep an eye out for this type of unnecessary body language expression. When you spot these unnecessary movements, adjust accordingly. In some instances, it’s a cue to keep pressing deeper. Especially if someone may be hiding deceiving you by hiding something important from you.


However, in most social settings, this body language cue signaling discomfort is a red flag asking that you change the thread of conversation! When you adjust accordingly, the person you’re talking to will quietly thank you for your awareness in his or her mind.


This ability to pivot based on sub-communciated feedback is crucial to becoming more smooth socially. 


Hopefully, you’ve taken value from this post. I’m confident that once you begin putting what you’ve learned into play in your daily life, you’ll find things go more smoothly in all areas of your life.


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To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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