Ever wanted to know how to turn women on? Trick question: Of course you have 😉


Since it’s Sunday at the time of writing this, I’m going to keep this one brief…


Here’s what’s up:


Women want to be DESIRED by a dominant, high value man. 


I revealed the research to prove this point in this video.


But you’ve ever read 50 Shades of Grey, you already know this.



And if you’re unfamiliar, “50 Shades” is a book women bought like MAD — that tells a story of a super successful guy who starts a highly sexual relationship with a young woman.


The entire book shows this man, Grey, and his overwhelming sexual desire, for the girl. He couldn’t resist her. And neither could she. (Nor could millions of voracious female readers)!


As sex researcher Dr. Marta Meana puts it, “being desired is the real female orgasm.”


Ultimately, your ability to confidently and dominantly convey your sexual desire, in a way that makes a woman feel just safe enough, is everything.


Women want mystery, adventure, excitement, and the feeling of being madly desired by the most badass version of you.


Eye Contact: How to Attract a Woman Simply with Your Eyes


Hence why I ALWAYS tell you guys to read, meditate, work out, dominate your work, and push your comfort zones! If you want to be the kind of guy who can turn women on, that is!


Average guys eat last! Women don’t desire them! 


Same with “nice guys”


“Being polite” and “treating a woman with respect” simply do not turn women on, either.


This is the truth, whether us guys like it or not.


As Dr. Shpancer put it, “Desire seeks the path of desire, not the path of righteousness. It thrives not on social order but on its negation.”


I’ll say it like this: turning women on is about letting go of social conditioning, and tapping into your most carnal, masculine side of yourself.


Revealed: The Exact 3 Steps My Clients Use Transform as Men


It’s all about showing your desire for her in a dominant way. 


For more on how to be your most dominant self, so that you turn women on automatically, press play:



My love with presenting myself in a dominant way is why I enjoy giving women strong eye contact, wearing a mysterious smirk, carrying myself with slow and controlled body language, and honestly communicating how the woman is making me feel, with a line such as this…


“Stop looking at me like that. You’re making me feel things down there. Not fair…”




“Did you dress like that because you’re trying to turn me on? Cuz it’s working…”




“Stop looking so good. You’re keeping me from thinking straight…”


Here’s the wrap: showing your sexual desire in a dominant way is how you turn women on 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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