John Wooden was asked hundreds of times, “Who’s the best player you ever coached?”


During his incredible coaching career that included 10 consecutive NCAA National championships, he coached countless future NBA all stars like Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Sidney Wicks, and countless others…


Wooden with NBA hall of famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Wooden with future hall of famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar


And yet, he never answered that question… Of who was the “best.”  John Wooden knew better than to “pick a favorite.” He knew the secret…


Personal greatness is measured against one’s own potential, not against that of someone else on the team or elsewhere.


As Wooden went on to put it years later in his book, Wooden on Leadership



For a powerful book to support your rise towards your peak potential, get this book.

For a powerful book to support your rise towards your peak potential, get this book.


The icon, Wooden, says in his book…


I didn’t ask our student manager, Les Friedman, to do Bill Walton’s job (a future NBA all star), and I didn’t ask Bill Walton to do my job. Each of us needed to be concerned only with doing our specific job to the very best of our ability. Therein lies our personal greatness.


The coaches words, despite being used over 40 years ago when he was leading the U.C.L.A. Bruins to championship after championship, still ring true today. Our personal greatness depends on our ability to simply focus on doing our personal best. And to let go of the rest.


And yet, what do almost all of us do today? We want to compare ourselves to others.  If we’re honest with ourselves, you and I have both had moments where we’ve probably…


  • Compared our physique with another guys’
  • Assessed our income versus another person’s income
  • Compared our girlfriend with another dude’s girlfriend


This type of thinking leads to doubt. It leads to anxiety. It creates internal frustration and it suppresses us from achieving our ambitions.


As I talked about here, judging and comparing others indirectly leads us to judge and compare ourselves. This type of mental outlook stifles us, inhibits our ability to take courageous action, and ultimately, kills our success.


The question then becomes, what should we do instead? If you’ve been reading closely, you already know the answer.


Whenever you doubt yourself, your job is to refocus on what’s important and regain your perspective of what matters. Your job in life is dominate your direction. Your job is to focus solely on improving your current situation.


The more we can focus on our on path and let go of the need to compare our situation with another’s, the more fulfilled and successful we’ll be.


When you experience doubt, focus simply on advancing your direction in life FORWARD

When you experience doubt, focus simply on doing something to advance your direction in life FORWARD


No matter how big or small, moving forward removes doubt.


Momentum is the ultimate cure when we start to question ourselves. In the moment you need it most, I encourage you to remember this quote and say to yourself…


This is the key to destroying doubt & building confidence…

This is the key to destroying doubt and building confidence...


The next time you start doubting yourself or wondering if you have what it takes, let go of the judgement. Accept your situation as it is. Realize that it takes time to achieve success.


And then, re-focus yourself by taking an action that moves you forward. Put your total concentration on doing whatever you can to improve your current situation — as it is now. This is the key. Forward action destroys uncertainty. 


I often tell my VIP clients


Overwhelm the over-active mind with action!


And to ensure future doubt enters your brain less…  Mentally, let go of wishing you were any different. More skilled. More capable. Embrace the process of developing yourself into the kind of person you wish to become.  You’ve got this.


To help you fully overcome your doubt, watch this 60-second video I made for you…


In conclusion…


Just focus on improving YOU.


An inch of progress a day leads to a lifetime of change in a year. Just keep going. Concentrate on your path. Let go of judgement. And take action! It’s your time. 


To your peak potential,

Jason Rogers


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