Eye contact. A woman can tell everything about you simply from how you look at her. Learn how to arouse a woman without saying a single word.


Master your eye contact here…




Invest in yourself. Take the time to master your eye contact. When you do, you’re saying ALL THE RIGHT THINGS about yourself — without even moving your mouth.


But how? How do you master your eye contact? It begins with intention. When you look at a woman — with the intention of injecting an emotion or a feeling into her brain, heart, and soul — she will feel it.


You can literally speak with your eyes. And when you get this down?


You’ll be embodying an elite form of highly desirable, masculine, non-verbal communication — in it’s purest form. Which is the very thing she loves. We know this from a scientific standpoint.


As this graph below shows, nonverbal communication is what makes a huge impact on your interactions (far more than the words you say themselves).


Persuasive Body Language

Mastering the ability to give and receive emotions without speaking — and by only using your eyes — is a skill that takes practice. By shutting your mouth, and intending to pierce her soul (by giving her a positive emotion) with your eyes, you’ll begin acquiring this skill.


Best of all? Mastering your eye contact, by learning to communicate with your eyes, will not only help you romantically, but socially and professionally as well.


So get out there, STFU, and speak with your eyes 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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  1. James Thompson

    Such a great video and crucial thing so many guys fail to catch on to. Whenever I am helping friends or other random people, I notice so many guys do the bug eyes or just talk way too much. They seem to feel like if there is any silence the girl will leave.

    I was lucky enough to learn from a mentor in sales that once you give the pitch, the last person to speak will almost always get their way. Also just observing Don Draper and how he uses silence and eye contact so strategically in business and with women, you can’t argue the results. Great article as usual

    • Jason Rogers

      Awesome comment as usual. Glad to have you as a reader, James.


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