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There are Two Main Problems that Cause Women to Lose Interest 

It’s true. There’s two main reasons women lose interest in men. Which I’ll share in a moment. And know this… Both of these main two reasons stem from the same core cause.


First, the core cause that makes her to lose interest?


Simple: most guys don’t know how to maintain attraction once they’ve sparked it, in a woman they like.


But there’s good news: If women are losing interest in you regularly, don’t worry. We’re going to square you away in this blog post. 


The first thing to remember is this: she had interest in you at one point, right? Then, you deserve some real credit. Many guys cannot get this far. But you did.


Harvey Specter Winking


Now, the question becomes, why is she losing interest after she initially had interest? The answer is surprisingly simple.


Ultimately, the two reasons she loses attraction, and thus interest, are because either 1) you bored her, or 2) she realized you’re an “easy catch.”


Here, let me explain…


Let’s start with the first reason women lose interest (as well as what to do so that she stays attracted to you!)


Problem #1: She Loses Interest Because You’re Boring Her

Ouch. This isn’t a fun pill to swallow. No guy wants to admit to himself that women are losing interest in him because he’s boring.


But while painful at first, the truth will set you free (and blow up your dating results, too).


I remember first hand when I realized that I was boring to women. It hurt. My ego took a hit. The reason? Because I knew it was true.


I was a big fucking dork and I bored women to death.


I was a big fucking dork


I couldn’t keep their attention. So even if I sparked attraction in the beginning, things would die out quickly for me.


Luckily, I learned to become a guy women now find interesting — who they usually continue to like more and more the longer we talk. The great news?


It’s actually not that hard to ensure a women never loses interest in you…


Unlock the ONE Trait Women Desire 

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I learned to attract chicks


You can absolutely become the interesting guy that women love, my friend…


Let’s go deeper…


Solution #1: Learn to Captivate Women

I want to share three rock solid ways to become captivating to women.


Get these three new ways of acting ingrained into your authentic personality, and you’re going to get incredible results with women.


First, start captivating women by flirting with them! 


Yessir! You’ve got to get cheeky with the ladies, my friend. If you’re not flirting with women within the first sixty seconds of your interactions, you’re leaving points on the table!


But how? How do you flirt with her?


You’ve got to tease her, you’ve got to look her deep in the eyes while wearing that seductive smirk of yours, and you’ve got to learn to banter with her.


Perhaps with your wit, or your dry sense of humor, both of which you can learn to cultivate here in this blog post.


Master Your Dry Sense of Humor


Likewise, I created an entire blog post showing you exactly how to flirt. If interested, you can check out or bookmark that blog post here.


Second, captivate her by taking her on spontaneous adventures! 


This one is huge. She’s craving adventure!


Why? Simple. Most guys act safely and predictably around women. Acting predictably around women is a huge reasons she loses interest!


Little do they know she’s craving excitement and adventure! Instead of being boring like most chumps… Trust your masculine gut — spontaneously lead her into the unknown!


Adventures for the win!


Your adventure could simply be a trip to the other side of the bar — to find her a “proper boyfriend.”


These adventures of yours don’t need to be well planned or logical. Some of the best adventures I’ve led women on have simply come from a random thought my brain gave me — a thought I ACTED upon.


Acting upon your spontaneous whims keeps her guessing — and on her toes. It’s an experience the two of you can remember and cherish for years to come. Yes, a glorious night of adventure can be that powerful.


PS – Do you think she’s going to thank for such an epic time? 😉


Flirt like Hank Moody


Finally, captivate her by maintaining mystery in your interactions!


Don’t tell her your whole life story in the first five minutes!


Don’t tell her exactly what you’re thinking! And don’t confess your love for her. Especially not right away! See — that’s what other guys do! That’s what average guys do…


They lay everything on a platter for her. But not you…



Similar to taking her on spontaneous adventures, you want to keep her guessing.


So wear your poker face my friend… Conceal your intentions and ideas a bit. This is a gift for her — because it allows her imagination to fill in the gaps…


It allows her to dream.


So to review: Don’t deny her of this opportunity!


Maintain some mystery!


Keep her guessing!


To Review: Be Captivating (so she never loses interest again!) 

By first flirting, secondly, leading her on adventures, and third, by maintaining mystery, you’ll go a long way towards keeping women captivated and attracted.


But even if you do this to perfection, it’s still possible to have her lose interest.


Especially if you don’t embody the one trait women are hardwired to desire most, some women will continue to lose interest…


Luckily, you can uncover the ONE trait women desire most. Sign up for FREE right here…


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And now…


Let’s dive into the second main reason women lose interest (as well as what to do here to ensure she stays attracted to YOU!)


Problem #2: She Loses Interest Because You’re “Too Easy” 

Yup. Here’s yet another tough pill to swallow. The other main reason she loses interest in you is because women realize they could have you at the snap of their fingers.


Now, I’m not saying that you’re a desperate guy. But it’s important to remember that many guys she’s talking to are!


If you show any signs of neediness whatsoever, you instantly turn her off!


If she thinks you’re the kind of guy that she could have at any moment, she completely loses attraction for you!


At best… She thinks of you as a “friend,” and nothing more.


Don't be a needy wimp!


Luckily, you can flip the script easily. It’s not hard to do, either… To kickstart this discussion, think of the most valuable and desirable things on this delightful planet of ours…


Fast cars. High rise penthouses. Exotic trips.


These things aren’t exactly easy to get. Wouldn’t you agree?


Consider: we most deeply crave the things that are the most difficult to obtain! Diamonds, ferrari’s, invites to VIP celebrity parties…


These are rare. Expensive. And scarce. This is precisely what makes them desirable.

What is rare is valuable


You’re the same as a man.


If you’re easily obtainable, you’re far less valuable in her eyes.


Even if you’re an amazing guy deep down.


Her subconscious brain cannot get attracted to a man who’s easy to have. She cannot maintain her excitement for you if you’re always available at the very moment she wants to see you.


It’s simple. If she realizes she could easily have you at any point, she loses interest.


#1 Mistake Guys Make on the First Date Revealed (do THIS instead)


On the other hand, if you’re a challenge and difficult for her to obtain, and if she has a tough time getting ahold of you…


Or, if other women are competing for your attention…


Then suddenly, you become highly attractive — like the ferrari or the diamond: exclusive, rare, sought after, and hard to obtain.


Trust me, this is who you want to be in your dating life.


But how? What follows are three excellent ways to become highly attractive to women.


Solution #2: Become The Attractive Man Women Love 

Let’s not beat around the bush: there’s a ton of guys who never get the sex life they want.


They’re needy, clingy, and desperate. The opposite of valuable.


As you can imagine, she quickly loses interest in this type of man.


Luckily, as easy as it is to be this low value guy, it’s also easy to become highly attractive.


What follows are the best ways for YOU to become highly attractive — and difficult for her to obtain!


The first, and the best way to become attractive, is to make your mission your #1 priority.


Whether it’s your family, fitness, career, volunteer work, business, sport, or something else, commit to one primary mission. My suggestion: Commit DEEPLY to whatever invigorates you the most in life. Pursue what the fuck inspires you.


I talk about how diving deep into your life’s purpose makes you more attractive in this video…



Here’s the thing…


When you embrace this masculine way of tackling your #1 mission as a man, your focus naturally goes towards your mission.


Equally then, much of your focus goes away from her.


You aren’t giving her all that attention anymore. And guess what? She feels this. And she thinks…


He’s not like the other guys. He doesn’t seem to need me.


You stand out in her mind. You’ve become hard to get. The end result? You become something worth working for — a guy worth fighting for. Now? She loses interest in the other chumps hitting her up all day. And she starts chasing you.


Put your mission as a man first. You’ll feel more fulfilled. Suddenly, you’ll transform into an attractive beacon of masculinity. And with your focus zoned in on your mission, you’ll start giving women lots of space to chase you, too.


Next, become more attractive by responding to her less.


This is an extension of putting your mission first. Think about it…


If your mission is most important to you, you’re going to be spending less time fucking around on your phone… Right? Which means you’ll probably text her way less, agreed?


By making this change and by respond to her less, your attention becomes a rare and valuable commodity. Which is exactly what we want for you.



After all that time waiting and wondering where you are… Finally, getting a text or a call from the guy she desires most makes her feel intensely excited and special. This is the exact emotional experience she craves.


Be the guy who gives this gift to her.


But remember… She can only feel this if you reach out to her RARELY!




How special can you be – in her eyes – if she receives 37 messages from you before lunch?


You know the answer. And you know the solution.


Hit her up less. Stop responding to her regularly. Give her space.


Just because she messages or texts you doesn’t mean you’re obligated to respond! Dude, your obligation is to your mission! Go focus on your #1 priority instead of blowing up her phone.


PS – If you want more motivation or specific advice on your text game with women, watch this short 60 second video.


If you're single, this is for YOU.

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Lastly, to be more attractive to her, start talking to more women.


Many guys have it backwards. They falsely believe that if they start talking to more women, the one woman they really like will quickly lose interest because he’ll suddenly be “the evil player” type.


No wonder she loses interest in most guys…


And while Disney movies, your uninformed friends, or romantic TV shows may have you thinking this way, the real world is… quite… different.


Meet lots of women


I always tell my students and clients: attraction isn’t logical, it’s emotional.


So whether attraction makes logical sense to her, to you, or to anyone else — that’s largely irrelevant.


Know a woman’s DNA makes her attracted to a man that other women desire.



Just like you can’t help that you get hungry each day, she doesn’t get to choose what makes her attracted to men.


In the same way you’re programmed to crave calorie rich foods, she’s hardwired to crave men that other women desire.


Put simply — you become the juicy burger she craves when you’re around a ton of women!


You crave burgers. She Craves desired men.


Nothing makes a man more desirable than an abundance of women surrounding him. The man with the most dating options is desired the most. It’s that simple.


The rich get richer, as the saying goes.


Whether you prefer cold approaching women each day, becoming popular in the trendy spots in your hometown, or building a badass social circle, you absolutely should start talking to lots of women!


When it comes to maintaining interest in the #1 woman you desire, nine times out of ten, the more women you’re talking to, the better.


Women Desire a Leader of a Social Circle


Not only will this make you less needy, but women, again, see the guy surrounded by women as far more desirable.


Ps – We know this from science.


To Review: Never Be “Easy” (so she never loses interest again!)

To review, when you 1) put your mission as a man first, 2) stop responding so fucking much, and 3) when you start chatting up lots of women, you’ll stop being that easily available guy she quickly loses interest in.


Real talk: When you combine these three lessons with what you learned earlier about captivating women…


You’re going to go far, sir.


I can see it now…


Soon, you’re going to have women fighting for you.


Be More Attractive to Women | Lucifer Video Breakdown




Because you’re going to become both highly desirable and extremely attractive to women — by ruthlessly acting upon what you’ve learned here.


That said, you still have one more step before you reach the promised land…


Final Takeaway: Commit to Embodying What You’ve Learned Here

To get the gold, you must go all in. You must commit. You see, most men “commit” to a life of mediocrity. But not you. You’re still here reading so that you can become a great man.


And I respect that.


However, know that making a real change in your identity – while possible – sure as hell isn’t easy. It requires commitment. And focus.


This life of dating abundance and confidence isn’t for the lazy or unfocused man.


However, if you’re ready to commit, keep learning, and take action, let me tell you…


YOU CAN get the confidence and the sex life you’ve always wanted.


I’ve seen radical transformations – both my own personal transformation — as well as the transformations of my past students.


I share this to ensure you that you too can make a radical change in both your identity and your results.


The question is… how long do you want to wait to get women chasing you? 


When DO You Want Results?


If you want to supercharge your progress, and get a great life faster, I can help you.


I’ve put together an incredible opportunity for you, so that you can get a massive advantage as a man… If you’re ready to get women chasing YOU, then just enter your email below and sign up for the FREE training I created just for you…


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See you on the other side… 😉


To your peak,

Jason Rogers



  1. Mike

    If a girl chases you, laughs, eye contact is great but then goes cold is it from not making a move on her? Went to the gym a couple times together but she has went cold. What is the proper way to ask her home?

    • Jason Rogers

      Stay tuned. I’ll make a piece of content answering your question. In the meantime, give her some space 😉


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