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I believe in human potential. My aim? To embody my peak potential as a man & help a million handsome devils like you do the same.


My specialty? I help men like you create complete confidence in yourself while helping you engineer the EXACT dating life you desire so that you can live an incredible life of abundance, freedom, and happiness.



What I Believe?


  • Growing towards our peak potential is the ultimate gift we can give not only ourselves, but everyone we meet every day.
  • Developing our social skills and our confidence gives us an unfair advantage both romantically and in life.
  • Our confidence around women shapes our happiness, income, and of course — our sex lives. So we’d better master this area.
  • Social skills, confidence, and dating freedom can be achieved more rapidly than most think. The science backs me on this
  • Freedom, abundance, fulfillment, family, and being a force for positive change are the most important things in life.



My Philosophy?


  1. Life is about much more than chasing women. A man aiming for his peak — aka you and me — is more focused on his direction in life than anything else. By putting our direction first, we paradoxically become far more attractive to women. That said, while we dominating our direction…
  2. Learning to approach women is a skill set that gives us a massive, unfair advantage. Learning to create positive interactions – and ultimately positive results – from cold approach massively boosts our confidence, our quantity of dating options, and our quality of dating options.
  3. We should have multiple ways that we meet women. This maximizes our chances for success — not only for ourselves — but for the women we meet, too. It’s why I recommend most men meet women using the following (3) ways: by cold approaching, using online dating, and by building a fun, vibrant social circle.
  4. Social media is a crucial component to our success. We must capitalize on this incredible FREE resource to highlight ourselves in a way that helps us not only meet women, but also, gives us leverage as we dominate our life’s direction. Social media gives women and men alike a chance to get to know us on a deeper, more personal level. It also gives us a chance to be shrewd marketers who are able to engineer the dating and life results we desire.
  5. Core confidence and the dating results we desire come not simply from being able to approach women or “be smooth” but rather, from living life at the highest level. From our habits, to our hobbies, our mindset, our standards, to the environments we spend time in, we cannot expect to reach our peak potential as men, nor can we expect to attract incredible dating lives, if we do not master the art managing ourselves successfully.
  6. The best relationships in life are “win-win” relationships and we must always aim to create them. A “win-win” relationship is simply a relationship where both people are benefitted. The beauty is that by living our lives in the way I’ve described above, it’s easy to find quality women who want what you want. This is how you can get your cake and eat it too — meaning — you can get the exact dating life you want while sleeping peacefully (after sex) at night from knowing you’re having a positive effect on the woman in bed laying beside you.
  7. We must learn “game” or “persuasion” or “seduction” or whatever you wanna call it to get the dating life we truly want. You might cringe at this. I used to. But now I realize: this is a good thing. Look, life is sales and persuasion and manipulation. Every day, every human being on the planet either successfully or unsuccessfully tries to persuade other people into taking certain actions. Whether it’s an attempt to sell you something, your friends attempt to get you join him at his favorite restaurant, or an interaction between a man and a woman, life is game. Life is persuasion. Life is seduction. We ought to embrace this notion, become masters of this art, and use it for both our own well-being and for the well being of everyone else we come in contact with.



My Story…


Though I was very interested in psychology since I was a teen, it wasn’t until I I was laughed for giving a terrible, awkward speech in front of a thousand people as a 20 year old kid, that I found my true direction in life. This was my wake-up moment. Looking back, I’m INCREDIBLY thankful for that experience. I know I’ve radically transformed myself – and the results I’m able to achieve – since that sunny day back in 2012 and that moment was the catalyst.


But how did I… “change?”


Some of my “transformation” will sound cliche: I read all the self-improvement books. I went to the seminars. I watched every self-help video imaginable. And these actions were helpful.


But other pieces of my story are… unique. As a brand new transfer student at U.C.L.A., I spent hours each day approaching and meeting women around my campus. It was non-stop and interactions occurred everywhere. I talked to women daily in the gym, in my classes, the local coffee shops, even in the library.


Lots of funny stories emerged from these good ol’ days.  I was also giving speeches non-stop through Toastmasters, while working a part time job and attending my college classes focused in social psychology.


These actions (approaching countless women, giving hundreds of speeches, and taking psychology classes) made a serious impact on my development. Each directly contributed to my breakthrough.


By breakthrough, I mean, those amazing moments where I realized that everything in my social and romantic life felt effortless and natural.


For example, I’ll never forget approaching a woman 60 seconds after awaking before class one morning and realizing that talking to her felt as natural as brushing my teeth did just moments before. I had similar “aha moments” as a public speaker.


It’s why I’m so passionate about helping men improve their dating lives, their social skills, and their speaking abilities today. And while I’ll never forget this life changing period of my life, my improvement path certainly had it’s bumps in the road.


Without a real mentor or coach, there were lots of awkward interactions, moments of wavering motivation, and inner self doubt along the way. I talk about these moments a lot in my videos and training courses…


But after a full year of struggle sprinkled with sparse success, I finally made the shift explained above – the breakthroughs I was looking for.


By uncovering several life changing principles both psychologically and socially, my confidence was finally through the roof. I could talk to anyone, anywhere, any time. And my interactions were usually incredible – regardless of context.


I was ecstatic.  My life was more exciting, more fun, and more fulfilling than ever before. The benefits directly impacted my social life, my sex life, and my career.


At this point, I realized personal development was far more than an “interest.”


Learning to improve socially, engineer my ideal dating life, create core confidence, and pass along EVERYTHING I was learning had become my obsession. And after a year of feeling out of place while contributing to social psychology research at Stanford, due to various reasons, I finally committed to doing my own thing.


In December of 2015, I created Peakunderpressure.com, the website focused on helping where men grow every day. I’ve never looked back. Today, I live near San Francisco and I get to do what I love every single day as a profession.


And while my guys often ask me to help them nail the interview, sell more, and network, that’s not my specialty. My specialty is helping my clients create core confidence as they learn to attract the EXACT dating life they desire.


I love helping my guys level up towards their peak as they create the dating life they desire. It’s a blast. I love what I do. I’m proud of what I do. And I’m passionate about getting every person I work with the unique results they personally desire.




Can I get started for free?


To help you get some momentum, I’ve created a series of training videos and blog posts that are specifically designed to get you momentum. You’ll find the core principles for building social freedom are hand delivered to you on a regular basis.


The easiest way to make this delivery to you is email.


This way, you can read or watch each new training from your phone, tablet, or computer. And then, you can implement the teachings when you’re out and about each and every day! Awesome, right?


When you sign up, you’ll get regular updates about my newest free videos, blog posts, and program updates when those occur, too. This way, you’re able to begin and then sustain a consistent growth trajectory — closer and closer to your peak potential.


And as a special free bonus, when you subscribe for this thriving tribe, I’ll hook you up with an awesome complimentary training that’s sure to immediately move you closer to unlocking your freedom as a man.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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