Not Long Ago, My Life Was a Complete Mess.


Here was me in a nutshell.


Less than 10 years ago, nobody needed a helping hand more than I did.


I’d get anxious and nervous just calling for pizza! Over the phone!


(True story).


Here’s me during this difficult period…



My rock bottom moment came when I was laughed at YET AGAIN.


(I’ll tell you the other stories another time)


Anyways, this time, I got laughed at for gesturing like a complete dork — while giving my valedictorian speech.




This picture was taken just before making a fool of myself onstage…



Being laughed at on stag was the trigger that got me to finally COMMIT to changing my life.


I was DONE with being a soft, awkward, inexperienced boy.


So I went on a mission.


What did I do?


…On this so called… “mission?”




I approached every attractive woman on my college campus…


— and gained thousands of social references each semester, while earning an identity as the hungry PUA-in-training.


How to Break the Ice with Women! Hint: Start Flirting Instantly


None of the things people said to me mattered. I was on a mission.


So I continued to approach all the college cuties…  …while studying psychology at top ranked U.C.L.A.


During this period, I also signed up for multiple “Toastmasters” public speaking groups around Los Angeles, to combat my social anxiety…


Here’s an early pic of me giving a “follow-up” speech…



By the way… YES I was terribly awkward both when I approached and spoke up in front of people.


I still sucked!  But I kept at it!


Likewise, I was also reading voraciously — largely so I could “disappear” into a book for a few hours each day.


In total, I tore into over a hundred books on psychology and personal change — on top of my coursework textbooks.



Then, still hungry to transform myself, once I graduated UCLA, I conducted social psychology research at Stanford.


I wont lie: This was the most challenging period of my life.


By facing my fears…


I met my demons and insecurities head on.


I looked ’em right in the face.



And guess what?


It was 100% worth it.


I’ll never forget the first time I had three different dates on the same day.


It was fulfilling because these weren’t chicks from tinder…


Each date was cute. A girl I’d met from cold approach.


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…And on that day? Where I had three dates…


I remember feeling completely calm and confident for the first time…


This was a totally NEW feeling for me…


(Before starting my journey, three dates in a single day would have given me a BIG MAC sized panic attack all day long!)


But not anymore.


As I left my house to go on my first date, I found myself whistling peacefully.


There wasn’t an ounce of stress in my body…


Sure enough, the first girl I met up with was digging my vibe.


But I decided to cancel early to make my second date…



Then, my second date went so well I decided to stay with her and postpone my third date…


That was the day when I KNEW I’d done it.


I’d transformed myself from a wimp into a man.


And it wasn’t because I “got some.”


It was because I could finally handle myself like a man.


Finally, I’d earned my right to respect myself.


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By ceaselessly facing my fears, learning, and taking action, my whole life had flipped upside down.


But I wasn’t done there.


Since making my transformation as a man, I’ve continued to relentlessly study the art of masculine transformation.


I couldn’t just stop.


I was like hot butter baby, I was on a roll!


I felt – and feel to this day – like I’m just getting started.


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