Not Long Ago, My Life Was a Fu*king Mess.


Less than 10 years ago, nobody needed something like Dominate as a Single Man more than I did.


I’ll be honest: I was depressed and lonely.  Anxious and fear chronically overtook me.


Here’s how bad it was: I’d get deathly anxious just calling for pizza — over the phone.


(True story).


Despite not coming from poverty or an abusive home or anything like that… Like I said… My life was a mess.




If you’re currently struggling yourself…


Then I know it can feel the good life is completely unobtainable.


Maybe you feel like your shit as a man is “broken.”


That’s how I felt.


I seriously believed I was trapped into a life of fear, loneliness and NO SEX — maybe forever.


Here’s a picture of me when I was right in the thick of my struggles — at the age of 19.



You can practically feel the lack of certainty just from looking at this picture of me. 😁


But know this: I don’t share this picture to make you feel bad for me.


(Hell, I’ll be honest — you shouldn’t feel bad for me. As you’ll see soon, my life is great now.)


No. I share this picture for one reason. To convey the following…


While I feel your pain, I wont pretend you’re “stuck” in this bottom-less pit permanently.


Because you aren’t.


You can transform as a man!


I know for certain.


But how, Jason? How do you “know”? Let me be real with you…


One — because I’ve studied the research on psychology and transformation. Two — I’ve radically changed my own identity, as you’ll see in a moment. And three — I’ve helped other men radically alter their identities, meaning I’ve seen them transform right in front of my eyes.


Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re “stuck” — that your biography equals your future destiny! It doesn’t have to!


To illustrate what masculine transformation looks like… And to show you how you can go from wherever you are to a place where you’re DOMINATING as a man…


Let me share my story…


You’ll get a no fluff, honest example how I dug myself out of the trap I found myself in — so that you can do the same.


I’ll start with the moment I finally DECIDED to change my life. Here it is…


My rock bottom moment came when I was laughed at YET AGAIN by my peers. This time, it was for giving an extremelyawkward Valedictorian speech.


Being laughed at on stage: that was the trigger that got me to finally COMMIT to changing my life.


Thankfully to my mother, we have a real life picture of me just minutes before totally freezing up on stage. Cue the photo!



Not looking toooOooo confident there, wouldn’t you agree?


Personally, I think I look like a man who’s both constipated and in the middle of a panic attack. And that’s exactly how I felt!


But corny jokes aside…


Truth is, being laughed at on stage for being an awkward, socially inept dork? That was the moment when I truly realized I HAD to get my shit together.


I couldn’t take it anymore.


I was done being awkward and lonely and uncomfortable in my skin.


I couldn’t take being the awkward laughing stock of my peer group any longer.


Who wants to be laughed at, lonely, and scared? What man wants to go through his life without ANY sex or an ounce of confidence?


Not me.


I was DONE.


So I went on a mission.


What did I do? On this so called… “mission?”


First, I approached every attractive woman on my college campus — and gained thousands of social references each semester.



Warning  — approaching every hot woman on your campus quickly gives you an identity as a hungry PUA in training.


But at the time, I didn’t care cuz I was on on a mission. So I continued to approach all the college cuties…  And yes, I continued to “earn” my pickup identity on my campus — while studying psychology at top ranked U.C.L.A.



During this period, I also signed up for multiple “Toastmasters” public speaking groups around Los Angeles. At first, I was terribly stifled. Especially when challenged to do extemporaneous bits.


Here’s a picture of my younger self facing my fear of public speaking…



Likewise, I was also reading voraciously.


I tore into over a hundred books on psychology and personal change — on top of my coursework textbooks.



Then, still hungry to transform myself, once I graduated, I conducted social psychology research at Stanford. I did this while continuing to take action, facing my fears of public speaking, talking to women, and putting myself “out there” — each and every week.


You could sum up this period as a non-stop period of commitment towards one goal: Transforming myself.


I relentlessly tackled this one goal of mine by taking tons of action — using myself as a human test-subject.



I wont lie: This was the most challenging period of my life.


I faced my demons and insecurities head on. 


Looked ’em right in the face. And guess what? It was 100% worth it. After over 7 years of committed action, my life was COMPLETELY different.


I’ll never forget the first time I had three different dates on the same day.


It was fulfilling because these weren’t chicks from tinder… Each date was cute, and I’d met each woman from cold approach.


…And on that day?


I remember feeling completely calm and confident.


This was a new feeling for me…


(Before starting my journey, three dates in a single day would have given me a BIG MAC sized panic attack all day long!) 


But not anymore. As I left my house to go on my first date, I found myself whistling peacefully. There wasn’t an ounce of stress in my body…


Sure enough, later that day, the first date went amazing. I had to cancel early to make my second date.


Then, my second date went so well (if ya know what I mean), that I postponed my third…


That was the day when I KNEW I’d done it.


I’d transformed myself from a wimp into a man.


And it wasn’t because I “got some.”


It was because I could finally handle myself. Finally, I’d earned the right, in my own mind, to respect myself. By ceaselessly facing my fears, learning, and taking action, my whole life had flipped upside down.


The ONE "Pickup Line" You Should Try (proven scripts included)


But I wasn’t done there. Since making my transformation as a man, I’ve continued to relentlessly study the art of masculine transformation. I couldn’t stop now.


I felt (and feel to this day) like I’m just getting started.


Helping men transform has become my life’s obsession.


This is my life’s work.


Now nearly a decade and counting into my journey, I’ve uncovered countless strategies, shortcuts, and systems I’ve now taught to thousands of men — that have helped them create core confidence, date an abundance of beautiful women, destroy their anxiety, flirt like Casanova’s, and reach epic levels of masculine productivity.


In other words, I transformed my life — going from a little bitch to a grown man — and now I’ve mastered the art of helping men like YOU transform too.


I tell you my story not to impress you, but to impress upon you that YOU TOO can change your life for the better. Here’s my question for you…


Do you want to take the 7 year path, like I did, or do you want a massive short cut?


Before you answer, let me ask you something…


Do you struggle to connect with people — and especially with sexy women? Is your confidence lower than you’d like? And are you struggling to motivate yourself to finally create that exciting social and sexual life that you truly want?


If so, don’t worry.


You’re in the perfect place.


You don’t need to feel any shame. There’s no need to stress any longer about under-achieving your potential. And no — you don’t need to tackle this, along with everything else you have going on in your life — alone.


Even if you’re struggling, I believe it’s your time to transform as a man. You can dominate as a man. And I’m here to help you do just that.


I’ve helped lots of guys overcome nervousness, build their social confidence, create a better lifestyle, unlock dating results… 


Here’s what I can tell you: you really can create an awesome, abundant social and romantic life for yourself. A life of freedom.


With me as your right hand man, there’s literally no doubt that the life you’ve been imagining can happen far faster than you’ve imagined.


But before we talk about the details, let me ask you…


Are you committed to radically improving your life? 


If you are, them we can make some real magic happen, captain. 😉


Because what I can tell you is this: my pain, struggle, and uncertainty has shown me that it’s 100% possible to TRANSCEND your problems.


Especially if you’re willing to get some skin in the game!


Best of all? Now? For the first time ever? To ensure men don’t have to struggle aimlessly like I did?


I’ve created this for you…


Ready to Get Momentum as a Man?


To help you get some momentum, I’ve created a series of training videos and blog posts that are specifically designed to get you momentum. You’ll find the core principles for building social freedom are hand delivered to you on a regular basis.


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When you sign up, you’ll get regular updates about my newest free videos, blog posts, and program updates when those occur, too. This way, you’re able to begin and then sustain a consistent growth trajectory — closer and closer to your peak potential.


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To your peak,

Jason Rogers

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