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Persuasive body language is a learnable skill set. And Jordan Belfort can help us learn it.


Jordan Belfort is a highly successful sales person and businessman with a checkered past. Perhaps you’ve heard of him from  The Wolf of Wall Street. His character was reenacted by Leonardo DiCaprio.


Maybe you remember this scene…


Persuasive Body Language


Despite his mistakes, I believe we can learn from Jordan Belfort. He has a lot to teach us. He’s extremely persuasive, an excellent sales person with great business advice, and a master of using his body to persuasive. And best of all…


Charismatic body language can be learned.


In the following video breakdown, we dive into his 3 body language keys that you can use to become more persuasive as a speaker, a salesperson, a leader, and in every other area of your life.


Start with this video breakdown before reviewing the 3 keys below: 



Hope you enjoyed that video breakdown. Now, let’s review what we covered above so that you can supercharge your charisma and become more persuasive as a sales person, a speaker, and a leader, by mastering your body language.



The Main Point: Charisma Starts with the Body

As you can see in the graph below, we respond to non-verbal cues like body language far more than we do the words with which we hear.


Persuasive Body Language


One study, which this graph comes from, suggests that the words themselves only account for 7 percent of communication. While this may seem remarkably low, what we can agree on is this: nonverbal communication influences and persuades more than verbal communication.


Yet, we’re always taught to focus on our words. To “think before you speak.” That’s good advice for a toddler, but not for a professional who needs to persuade.


To persuade, you need to emote and express with your body more than anything else.


This may surprise you, but in fact, to be more persuasive, it’s imperative that you focus more on your physical expression of self than the specific words you use to communicate.


What follows are three fundamentals you need to master in order to become more persuasive through the effective use of body language.



Persuasive Body Language Key #1: Use Gestures to Emphasize

You see Jordan Belfort do this regularly in the video. He hammers his points home with powerful gestures. While more difficult to describe in writing, you’ll see above that he uses his arms and his hands to emphasize his points and to add to his verbal communication.


Study persuasive speakers like Belfort and observe how they use their hands and arms to further emphasize key points.


Persuasive Body Language



Body Language Key #2: Master Your Posture

A hunched over you is far less persuasive than an upright, confident you. Posture influences your persuasive abilities. No doubt about it. People will not take you as seriously if you look strained or hunched in your physical posture.


I mean, if you take a look at these two (very real) individuals below, which one would you want to hire?


Persuasive Body Language


As the picture above highlights, standing tall and confidently directly changes your appearance.


When it’s your time to speak, sell, or persuade, give yourself the quiet advantage by pulling your shoulders back, expanding your chest, holding your head high, and moving through the world with strong physical posture.


Doing so will immediately make you more persuasive.



Body Language Key #3: Master Your Facial Expressions

When working with clients, one of the most common mistakes I see is this: guys forget about their facial expressions. We as men often mistakenly think that body language starts from the neck down. Wrong!


We look at people’s faces first! It’s automatic – they’re at eye level. It’s why facial cues are actually the most important expression of your physical body!


If you clench your face, look uncomfortable, or express yourself verbally in a way that doesn’t align with your facial expressions, your message is lost!


The shift you want to make is simple: try to use your face to further express the intent of your communication. If you’re excited about what you’re sharing, wear a big smile! If you’re sad, your face should align with this somber message. When your message and your facial expressions are in congruence, you become more persuasive.


Hopefully, the following picture can serve as a powerful reminder of the power of facial expressions for being more persuasive and charismatic…


Persuasive Body Language


Remember, you make inferences about people every day based on their facial expressions. Don’t think ohers aren’t doing the same when they look at you.


Everybody’s staring at YO FACE and you’d better use this to your advantage!


Persuasive Body Language

Persuasive body language starts with being conscious about what facial expression you’re wearing when you communicate



The Final Point: Your Words Should Align with Your Body

When your verbal message is in alignment with your physical body, you’re going to be far more persuasive. The aim is this: your gestures, your posture, and your facial cues are each heightening the strength of your message.


When you consciously practice using these three keys to further emphasize your points, soon, you’ll notice that people are more powerfully impacted by the ideas you have and the messages you share.


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