90% of the things people worry about don’t matter.


Whether she replies to your text right away? Doesn’t matter.


Whether you receive a compliment or some hate online? Doesn’t matter.


How tall you are? Your skin color? How old you are? These things hardly matter. And they definitely aren’t worth focusing on.


Here’s the punchline…


Stop giving a fuck about useless shit!


You can’t afford to waste your precious energy on so many trivial details!


Do you want to dominate?


Yes? Then you’ve gotta focus on what truly matters!


Focus on your vision and how you’re executing on it on an hour to hour basis.


That’s what’s worth your “fucks.”


But most people get this all wrong. It’s why most people are anything but dominant.


They give their fucks away on pointless shit. It’s why they never get anything done.


But not you. You get it. You’re zoned in on what truly matters.


Just watch. As you continue to get your priorities straight…


Suddenly you’ll get more attention from women, more respect online, and more inner self-confidence than you ever experienced before when you were tripping out on dumb shit.


The reason? Humans are attracted to people who’s heads are screwed on straight.


And in this day and age — most people are a mess. They’re focused on all the wrong things.


Therefore, people are starving for a calming influence (this can be you) who sees the forest from the trees.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers

Ready to Dominate as a Single Man?


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