There is a key difference between attracting a cute woman versus attracting stunning women.


And while I will explain that difference in depth in just a moment, I’ll give you the basic answer right now…


In short — whereas you can tell a cute girl she looks good without any repercussions…


Commenting on a stunning woman’s looks, especially in the early part of the conversation, will mess everything up.


That’s the main idea.


Don’t tell stunning women that they looks stunning. Each stunning woman has heard it a THOUSAND times…


And therefore, telling her the same thing everyone else always tells her makes you come across as AVERAGE.


But there’s more nuance to this principle.


Get the inside scoop here…




Now, I want to hear from you.


Have you ever made this mistake with stunning women before? Also, what was your #1 takeaway from this video? Let me know in the comments section below.


To your peak,

Jason Rogers


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