Will Smith Charisma Secrets Revealed

This In-Depth Breakdown Shares the 5 Keys




Will Smith charisma, and how to embody it for yourself, while seemingly impossible to understand, is actually quite clear.  Sure, you and I probably wont become world famous like Will Smith…


However, we can learn to be more charismatic like him. In fact, you and I are HARDWIRED to become more socially skilled, as Dr. Lieberman writes in his book, “Social.”



We’re hardwired to connect socially. This makes the learning curve towards more charisma much faster.



While some will say becoming charismatic is selfish, I disagree.


Your social skills predict your income. Your sex life. And your happiness. And while those are plenty good reasons by themselves… Becoming more charismatic gives you the ability to do more than just live an awesome life yourself!


Becoming more charismatic helps you sell more, have a bigger impact, and be a better leader so that you can provide for your family and your community!


(As long as you’re a good dude on the inside.. Which I sincerely hope – and assume – that you are).


I say – it’d be foolish to NOT try and become more charismatic. Besides… Just like everyone enjoys a tasty slice of pie… Everybody enjoys being noticed.. 🙂


And yet, many of us aren’t noticed. Why? A major reason? Because we aren’t charismatic!


For most of my life, I’ve felt like I’ve been on the outside. Maybe you can relate. Luckily, becoming charismatic is a skill.


Just as you learned to walk and talk and ride a bike (probably), you can also LEARN to be more charismatic. Today, I released my newest (weekly) in-depth breakdown: Will Smith Charisma Secrets Revealed.


Read on to see the 5 keys in written form, or, click the image below to watch the video breakdown!



Will Smith Charisma Secrets Revealed

While I recommend you watch this value packed 10 minute video so you can see the keys “in-action,” here are the 5 main points…


Key #1: Ooze with Your Unique Authenticity 

First, authenticity is more than just “being yourself.” It starts with becoming aware as to WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE. (And not who society tells you what you SHOULD be). Let me ask you… What are YOU personally into? What are your favorite interests and hobbies? What’s your sense of humor all about? And your preference in clothing style? Do you value money more? Or freedom?


After working with lots of different male clients for many hours, I’ve found that the biggest distinction that allows a man to separate himself from the pack and really stand out is his direction in life… His purpose. David Deita talks about this in his book, The Way of the Superior Man


If you have a clear direction as a man, people will see you as authentic and they’ll be inspired by your conviction. For a bit of assistance in finding your direction as a gent, if you feel purpose-less at this time, I created this video for you:




Whatever YOU personally resonate with… And really… Whoever you uniquely and personally are… Express it! That’s what authenticity is about and when you share your TRUE authentic self, people notice you because you stand out as a real INDIVIDUAL.



Key #2: Embrace Your Lighthearted and Playful Side

You’ll see lots of examples of Will Smith throughout his countless roles in shows and movies sharing his lighthearted nature. He teases. Cracks jokes. Wears a smile. It makes him incredibly easy to watch, listen to, and be around.


We actually talk about this at length in the Will Smith charisma video breakdown that you’ll see in a minute… In the early 90’s, when he made his mark and gained such acclaim on the show, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, it was largely because of his lighthearted playfulness… Audiences from around the country (and eventually the world), fell in love with how lighthearted and fun he was…


Keep it playful, man!



In one instance, during episode 1 of the show, he walks the tight rope towards being rude by making fun of Uncle Phil for “getting bigger.” Basically, he called him fat. But because his tone of voice is PLAYFUL and his intent is pure, it’s water under the bridge. Uncle Phil can’t be too mad and everyone laughs instead. Which leads right into the main point for you to consider here, my masculine friend…


Staying lighthearted allows you to get away with things that someone who stays firm and stoic in his demeanor simply cannot… It’s all about your tone of voice.. Keep it lighthearted. And then.. Just remember to wear that smile .. You’ll be good. Almost regardless… 😉



Key #3: Express Yourself Boldly

Next, if you want to be more charismatic, you’ve gotta amplify your authentic, lighthearted self. You want to lean towards the edge, walk the fine line, express your sense of humor, speak up, and push your comfort zones! I’ve talked at length about the 5 traits most masculine gents successfully carry themselves with here, and boldness is one of them.


Nobody who captivates the attention of others does so by playing it safe! You’ve got to push your comfort zones until your comfort zones are EXPANDED further than most people’s! How can you expect to stand out if you stay within the boundaries and look like the rest of the herd??


This quote, from Will Smith himself, sums up living a bold life perfectly…

Will Smith Charisma Secrets Revealed


My invitation to you: Push your comfort zones! Go bigger! Why not? Life is short. Make it count 😉



Key #4: Wear that Big Ol’ Smile of Yours!

Why wouldn’t you? We know from research that smiling makes you feel happier! That effect alone will have a positive impact on your charisma! Why? Because when you feel good yourself, people around you will get a positive whiff of your good mojo! That’s charisma in action 😉


Will Smith is famous for wearing a big ol’ smile! It’s his trademark. Why not make it yours, too? Only one person has permission to smile with your mouth and your teeth… And that person is you. Smile it up. It’ll make you feel better. Smiling will make everyone you come in contact with feel better, too.




Key #5: Leave People Feeling Better than Before You Arrived

Lastly, Will Smith is excellent at doing this when he appears on talk shows. He’s excellent at finishing the interaction with a joke, a good story, or a bit of uplifting inspiration.


Having analyzed countless gents like Brad Pitt, Russell Brand, George Clooney, and others, I can tell you that this is the pinnacle of charisma. When you leave someone feeling better than they were feeling before you showed up, you become a stimulating drug to that person’s emotions.


Leaving people feeling better than they felt before you interacted with them is like giving them a drug. They’ll be subconsciously addicted to seeing you again. Why? Because everyone wants to feel good!



We all want to feel uplifted, at ease, and confident in ourselves. You can achieve this by doing several things… First, be aware of when you make people feel especially good. Usually this will be right after you crack a joke, tell a killer story, or inspire. Once you do so, just after dropping that gold on the person or people you’re interacting with, politely excuse yourself.


Hey, this has been an awesome experience. I need to be going now. Have a great day – talk soon.


Just like that, you’ve officially left someone on a high. Now, the odds of that person (man or woman) wanting to see you again are exponentially higher than if you’d simply left the interaction haphazardly – like most people do.



BOOM! There it is! The quick summary of unlocking Will Smith Charisma so that you can become your most charismatic self!


Next, if you have a bit of time now, or later on, and you want to see live examples for how to put these keys into play so that you can become more charismatic, and achieve the success you’re after…


Check out the newest Will Smith charisma video breakdown…


Will Smith Charisma Secrets Revealed | The Video Breakdown



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